the telling of the stars...

Astrology is a tool. A language. A lens.
A lantern on the path you are walking.

It points to what is,
to ways of seeing infinite possibilities
and pathways of choice,
and evokes our sense of connection
to creation and mystery
and a glorious unfolding, exposing
the gifts of Life and relationship.

I can't tell you exactly why
or how
the 'stars' can tell us about ourselves.
Just that they do...

...through seasons, planets,
nuances of nature,
development, psyche and rhythms of relating...
and thousands of years
of seekers listening, observing, and making note...

to revel, revere and receive
to explore and honor the Great Mystery
as a living, changing, holy, wondrous force moving through us and the interwoven stories
of our love, lives and truths here on earth.

Astrology can help remove barriers to Love,
to relate more consciously, generously and true...
to your self and strengths
to what needs attention and healing
to times of uncertainty and change
to others, to God
...to planting your feet
and igniting your heart
for your precious time,
navigating the terrain of being wholly human
here on our tricky, glorious world

About shine on Birth-Chart Readings in 2018

In 2018, I will open up a limited number of spots for 1:1 sessions or pre-recordings, as I'm able to schedule them. My IN THE STARS students and mailing list subscribers will be the first to hear about openings when they become available.

some testimonies...

Thank you! I absolutely loved this reading! I've listened to it three times now and have taken notes. There is so much to think about, feel, and absorb. This is my first astrology reading and it was liberating! I feel seen, as though hidden pieces of myself have been acknowledged and I don't have to try so hard... that I can quit willing things to happen and instead see the beautiful synchronicities in life. You presented everything with warmth, kindness and enthusiasm. Even what I perceived to be boring about my chart, you explained in way that [brought] beauty and value. Hali, I especially loved the questions that you asked.... It is striking how personal this can feel when we've never met. I felt like I was in good hands. This reading was a wonderful gift.


Thank you soooo much for my reading yesterday, Hali!!!!! You gave me insights into who I am and why I am the way I am. You gave me confidence to be who I am. I can't even find words to adequately express my appreciation. It was *such* a positive life event.



Hali-The reading was beautiful and resonated on every point. I am loving the class...Thank you so much for the reading and the beautiful way you guide your classes.