Shine On Birth Chart Readings


This time was beyond what I could have imagined - HALI has such a poetic yet practical way of sharing this information, now my natal chart really makes sense and has taken on a whole new life! Hali shared information I can use in my every day life. I came away from this session with a deeper clearer understanding of who I am on a soul level with some wonderful tools for a deeper self inquiry and transformation. I can highly recommend having a session - it will be the best gift you give yourself on this life journey !

- E. M. {IN THE STARS participant & Shine On Reading recipient}

Shine On readings - whether by one-to-one session or recording - will focus primarily on your unique astrological birth chart story and what it means to let your unique soul shine and flourish in your life and relationships.

I will offer my 'telling of the stars,' inspired by the celestial configurations at the moment and place you were born, and speak to your unfolding life journey by way of this symbolic cosmic reflection. I begin with the basic core foundations of your chart, including focalizing planets and aspects unique for you, and then wind our discussion up with a deep dive into wound healing and soul-calling.

My intent is to present to you a reflection of your beloved nature and wholeness... through perspectives and connections that highlight your innate strengths, what you may need to put extra consciousness into, and where you may find the most fruitful expression and realization of the creative energy inherent in you and your journey of discovering, relating, healing, becoming and sharing.

The way I read/translate (or “tell”) a chart and hold space resonates most deeply with seekers and artists on conscious journeys with healing/wholeness, creative process, and transformation in their relationships and inner/outer worlds. I will speak to your dynamic wholeness and courageous heart with love, honesty, joy and depth.

You will need to know your EXACT birth time and place for an accurate reading.

The readings usually last between 70-90 minutes. I pour my wholehearted attention and intuition into translating your chart, in preparation and during the reading.

You can choose either a live-online Zoom call reading with me, or to receive your reading via a pre-recorded mp3 to listen to at your convenience.

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Shine-On Impressions ::

An mp3 recording on your natal chart messages… perfect for the introvert, busy schedule or if we have a significant timezone difference

Within 60 days of purchase (though usually much sooner), I will send you an mp3 recorded interpretation of your birth chart, including core healing messages and soul-calling territories and approaches unique to you.


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Shine-On Session ::

A one-on-one Zoom meeting with me… a more interactive choice

We will meet up on Zoom via webcam (preferred) or phone for your reading.

The live-online Zoom call readings will be scheduled according to my availability in the eastern timezone of the states, including possible times between 11am - 7pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and some Saturdays.

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You will receive a free mp3 audio recording of our call afterwards to download and keep.



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Want to learn to read your own birth chart?

Developing an understanding of the beautiful nuances and many relationships within the symbolism of your natal chart is totally possible - and way more fun when a little creativity is incorporated along the way…