A R O U S E ~ Creative Sense-ation Class Opens Soon!

I'm super excited to announce that I will begin offering my class A R O U S E again on August 20th (register now)!! 

This class is about re-awakening and developing a relationship with your everyday Senses and the messages of your body in a very tangible way, and then exploring what comes up in the process of creative response to the experience. 

You will get a lot of activities to choose from in the content, an experience that you can form into a practice of awareness to help you tap into your creative self anytime~anywhere, and a whole new look at how the ordinary can actually lead right into your own succulent, extraordinary experience of being ALIVE!

This class was originally called Arousing Creative Succulence for the workshop WILD, which was scheduled to end July 31.

Well, the feedback and experiences that participants were having in my class was awesome and better than I'd dared to hope - and so much fun!

Making an on-line class is no small feat, and I don't tend to do a half-assed job when I put things together - so with all the work I put into it, and the really great effect it has had on people's creative and daily lives,
I decided back in June to re-open and offer the class once WILD was over,  
with some *new* enhanced goodies & ideas, 
at a *new* location 
and with a *new* private facebook group for sharing! 

Well, as some of you know, our amazing hostess and facilitator in WILD, Lisa Dieken, decided in late July to keep WILD open and begin a community that will offer new classes in the future!
(So keep that on the radar - it sounds great!)

She invited all the WILD teachers to keep their classes there, but I have to confess that I was already in-process and all jazzed up about re-working the class, and really in alignment with that notion (indeed, it felt a little WILD to my truth), so I decided to stick with the original plan to move the class.  All members of WILD that chose to and were in my class will be joining the new class location - so it will begin pretty quickly with some awesome women. (WILD participants, you can expect your invitation just as soon as the new location is ready to fly, before the 20th!)

I'm really thrilled to be able to offer this class at an awesome price, too!!
I just really wanted it to be available and accessible to anyone who wanted to give it a try so that more of us can play and explore.

For more information about what you get in A R O U S E
to read some amazing testimonies (& see some participant art) that left me speechless and thrilled, 
or just to see that goofy little video I made for the original class, 

go to the A R O U S E page HERE.

It's a fun class - and I plan to re-visit the activities in September myself in a whole new way, so
I hope you're feeling the call to AROUSE your own succulent creative sensations in your everyday life!!!