Art Heals day 19 :: Giveaway!! {deck of Pixie Campbell's medicine cards}

Animal Medicine Cards by Pixie Campbell  

It is so important to embrace rituals of cleaning, cleansing and making space to allow the creative and healing processes to thrive in our lives. They just need the right environment to work their full magic... and we need the room to be able to fully receive, channel and appreciate that gift.

I have had several decks of oracle cards move through my hands over the years. Some as gifts, some I've purchased. What is interesting to me is that after I spend a little time with a deck, it becomes clear if the deck is meant to become part of my own medicine bag for awhile or if it is meant to pass through my hands to another for their work and enjoyment. We all get to act as vessel in this way - with our gifts of service and our tools.

In spending some time clearing and cleansing our space recently, I knew it was time to pass along a few decks I have been simply acting as a temporary keeper for.

Pixie Campbell's Animal Medicine Cards are a lovely deck, rich with her own insight into several animal totems, and illustrated by her beautiful artwork. There are 30 cards, one of them is signed by Pixie, and they come in a little muslin bag. You can learn more about this deck here.

This deck is part of my giveaway-in-gratitude practice this month, and a perfect fit for our Art Heals celebration!

If you already own a deck - then you know what a lovely gift this deck would make for one of your loved ones, too.


Here's how to enter to win a deck of Pixie's Medicine Cards:

You can enter up to 3 times – just BE SURE to enter your EMAIL address when prompted so I can notify you if you win

1. Leave a comment below telling me about an animal that has had great meaning, teaching or impact in your life (= one entry)

2. Share this giveaway post as a link on your facebook timeline and/or twitter account and then come back and leave a second comment (ON THIS POST, as a NEW comment) telling me where you shared! (= 2nd entry)

3. Share a link to the Spectrum Holistic Visual Journaling Workshop page on your facebook timeline and/or twitter account, and then come back and leave a third comment (ON THIS POST, as a NEW comment) telling me where you shared about Spectrum! (= 3rd entry) Thank you in advance for helping to spread the word about this new offering! It is a truly unique combination of body awareness and visual journaling, with over 30 artist and healer contributors - and I am deeply passionate about spreading the word to as many people as we can, so that we reach those who need this powerful, potent healing play-work in their lives!

I will select and announce the winner on Sunday, November 24!



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