Art Heals day 9 :: Michelle Casserley {guest post}

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There's something about rhythm, drumming - expression through beat and repetition.

It is primal. In the core of our very cells.

It is so much like what I know to be true in my painting practice as well - though to explain that adequately seems impossible.

Because beyond the words and the chaos and the thinking, there is raw sound and pattern, waiting to be celebrated and transformed.

I use my rattle and hand drum and tank drum in my own creative practice and meditations to help me peel away layers and dive inward. It is a pathway that is so reliable.

The art of sound calls us forth into an ineffable place of expressive healing moving through us.

Like described in this beautiful video offering from Michelle Casserley, a radiant wise woman from Australia who is part of my Sacred Art of Women group and participated in the first Rhythm Session. She is a woman of vision and truth, grounding in her own creative practice for insight and healing, and just beginning to bring more of that into the light in virtual realms.

I had chills listening to her voice in this video... Walking the Beat... :

[video width="480" height="272" m4v=""][/video]


Michelle Casserley

Michelle is a musician and an artist who lives by the sea with her family and plays guitar, drums, sings and works in many different mediums including oil, acrylic, art journaling and fabric. Michelle has a great interest in arts in health; she loves the joy of sharing music and arts and has worked with 5 – 80 year olds. Working within a mental health setting, she has seen the many benefits that creative healing using writing, music and arts can bring and loves the sharing that comes with drum circles. Learning to live mindfully and with gratitude, Michelle is excited to take her work online at



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