heartbeat: check-in, resistance and vital signs (vlog)

loose mandala in the studio, Hali Karla Arts A little behind-the-scenes vlog (isn't there a better word for that yet?) - straight from the studio - with a new candid series I've been meaning to start for... well, way too long to admit!

actually... when I just googled "Hali Karla heartbeat" I was reminded that I did do a few of these vlogs before (and posted them - go figure), and I actually wrote a post that featured the same title over a year ago! On top of that, I recently did a little studio cleaning and was touching up a painting (behind me in the video, on the easel) - and it's the very same painting from the post before! Not planned, and not even kidding.

This creative process of life always brings us full circle, with an expanded spiral view, doesn't it?

I'm going to post a "heartbeat" check-in every week for awhile. Stop by and check your own creativity vitals with me!