Holistic Creative End-of-Year Celebration (Link-Up!)

End-of-Year Link-Up Celebration - come share your art and creative healing journeys from 2015! Here's the deal, sweet holistic-creative souls - Hali Karla Arts has done a lot of growing this past year, and lately what I find myself most curious about is all of you - and what your holistic-creative practice is looking and feeling like - those of you who stop by the blog, join in the offerings, say hi and such on social media feeds, and the thousands of you now part of the Holistic Creative Connection mailing list.

See, this time of year is full of input, noise and fast-paced lures... *sigh*... and, well, I guess it just goes against my rebel heart to play into that too much, because I feel the true spirit of this season is totally different.

It's warm with generosity, sharing and faith (whatever that looks like for you). It's about our people - gathering with them, honoring one another with our time and attention, slowing down together, breaking bread, learning new things about each other, honoring and making memories.

I'll be doing some of that with my family up north in the next couple of weeks.

You all are part of the people in my world, as well - as holistic-creative artists, healers and visionaries who practice seeing new ways and explore ways of seeing, who simply stop by from time to time, take courses with me, or send me warm notes and questions about your creative journeys.

I know that I personally sometimes forget, in the hustle-and-bustle of December, to slow down and take note of all the beautiful creativity I was part of in the year. I'm also the sort that usually does best with slow transitions, to remain grounded. Often times, the New Year sneaks up so quick that I spend most of January finishing up the year before - which is not always the best way to begin a fresh year! I'm doing things differently this year, though.

What I have found so helpful as an artist, is to take a little time to flip through my paintings, art journals, instagram feed, and blog posts during December. Just to acknowledge my creative process through the year and to give my mind a bit of conscious orientation to the gift & role of creating in my life before the New Year takes off.

So, because I hope to help deepen the connection of the Holistic-Creative Community in 2016, and because I would love to get to know you a little better - to celebrate your creative journey, and create easy ways for you to connect with one another - I got the idea to throw a little link-up party, and invite you to select & share a link from your 2015 creative journey, right here in this post.

I've never done a link-up, and who knows how this one will go over this time of year. But I am hoping some of you will take a moment to play along below, stop by and visit one another, and feel the warmth of extended kindreds celebrating creativity as a journey of discovery, an adventure, a process and way of living - from one year into the next.

Whether you play along below or not, I am so very grateful for you and all the ways we get to be medicine and inspiration for one another - quietly and through brave sharing.


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