Losing Stuff Gets Me Hot

I have to confess
losing things can be a big trigger for me
on certain days.

Especially when I *know* I put it somewhere
so I wouldn't forget where it was.
My sister used to say "It's the Faeries. They do that."

Today has been a day of little losing lessons.

The losing of things.
A bottle, a favorite pen, a receipt, a book I needed today....

And because of their spatial ambiguity,
a loss of my time
and how I thought this day would play out,
   right down to the little details,
and since that just fires me up inside some days,
there's a loss of my patience and cool.

It can make me downright hot with annoyance
until I remember that little losses of things
are gentle reminders of what it means to have true need.
And this isn't it.

Ah, yes,
~ these things don't mean a thing
in the truth of a moment.
Any moment at all.
There's always another way
to do, to see, to be.

So let the faeries have their fun -
they'll tire eventually and leave the stuff to be found
and I'll be glad
or maybe, by then, I'll no longer care.
Their playful lesson has been well received.

So I breathe a smile
and commence with what matters...
what fills my sense of self with no need at all,
my heart's work:
this creative moment, as is
without the mind-full distractions.