Moon Signs, Clarity and Energy Flow (Round-Up!)

Here's my round-up from the past week and a half on Instagram!...

November 2:

(Whispers of upcomings on a quiet Sunday night... because I can't keep it to myself much longer)


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November 3:

What's the thing your creative heart needs to remember today? The thing you sometimes forget to remember, until life shows you again? I have several... One is how very important solitude is for my process. More than most people need - and that's OK. Another is to hold close my visions, whispering not a word, until they grow limbs strong enough to move out into the world with the truth that sparked them to life in the first place. Own and tend your creative process as the sacred gift it is. What are some of your things to remember?


There were some wonderful responses and shares RIGHT HERE.


November 5:

Not sure if the face is staying yet, but layers are happening.


Because sometimes loosening up... *really* loosening up... means a little bit of all the colors gone wild and free. Good music helps, too.


November 6:

My mother has always had gorgeous posters of plant and food identification images in her home. Got this vintage style print for my kitchen today and it instantly became my favorite room again.


November 7:

Making a 2016 project energy calendar. Where is my creative energy going to be focused each month so that I can self-care, make art and wholeheartedly share in the ways I'm called and Be in my life? Beginning with the loving advice of my pencil pouch in the lower left...


November 8:

There's no need to resist the flow.... (Cleaning the bookshelf is a Sunday sort of thing. There are so many shiny treasures within...)


November 9:

Monday Moon Day. As I've been studying astrology a bit more, I've been paying attention to how my energy works daily with the sign the moon is in. Like tides, she has an effect on us, and its been pretty remarkable as a tool for focusing and trusting what my intuitive senses are already telling me... About where the flow will be, the release and filling up. The moon is in Libra today. A good day for relationships, harmonization, communication for deeper connection and the imagining stage of ideas. Collaborative possibilities, perhaps. And for seeking and tending the beauty and balance in our lives, hearts and homes.


November 10:

Studio Tuesdays have been re-initiated. Sitting with this visitor today.


Paint what you know...


November 11:

Happy New Moon, friends! The Moon is in mysterious Scorpio today. What I've been noticing about my energy with this is that Scorpio days are both tender and passionate somehow. Bold, yet introspective. An edgewalking. There is a lot of emotion and energy flowing, and it is a good time to just let yourself feel what you feel, dream, get out of your own way, choose your interactions mindfully, too - so that you can honor your own energy and intuition without noise. With the New Moon as well... Wow! What a good day to set aside a little time for retreat and creative reflection and sacred connection with just what you are feeling and where it is asking you to flow. What have you noticed about Scorpio energy and gifts? Do share - I'm enjoying paying attention to these energies so much, and would love to know!


November 12:

I'm so happy to share... There will be scholarships for Spectrum 2016... Gift spots donated from the teachers. ⭐❇⭐ Spectrum is not an expensive program, but sometimes in life that little bit is still too much... And often when it is, when the unexpected or outside pressures and keeping it together and making ends meet is so much... Sometimes that's when we need art-making most, without the pressure of what else will 'pay' if we choose to self-care and center with creative practice and connection. So, these scholarship initiatives will be for economic and health hardship, women of color, LGBTQ community and single mamas. Like a journal page, I'm arranging and changing the parts of this program as we grow... And this addition feels totally in alignment with our #holisticcreative vision.


Where the lines are drawn... {details of this finished spread + accompanying musings up at the blog!... link in profile}


November 13:

Moon's in Sagittarius. ♐ heart of the arrow... To explore, learn, look at beliefs, awareness through the unfamiliar, to experience, laugh, take the plunge... How can you welcome a little of this energy in today? Me, I'm getting out of the house for some adventure and conversation!


Note to self: just because you can eat the whole shawarma doesn't mean you should - save half for later.... Her food truck was always delicious, and Asheville's Gypsy Queen is now open with a cozy space to enjoy your food inside, on Patton.


That's it for this round-up - would love to connect with you on Instagram - Come say Hi!