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Lately, I Have Been...

detail of art journal page in process, Hali Karlafrench broad river near hot springs, nc

prayer page, line drawing in visual journal (Hali Karla)

blessed skies (Hali Karla Arts)

mixed-media art journal page starts (Hali Karla)

handmade card from my hubby (Hali Karla Arts)

Lately, I have been...

... in a bit of a transition state with my personal creative practice. It looks like a lot of simple pages, false starts, quick messes and slow-goings. That usually happens before some sort of immersion of expression, but who knows?

Lately, I have been...

... putting together content, astrology insight and art journaling prompts and demos for the soulful creatives exploring IN THE STARS with me this year. Everyone is swimming the waters of awe and inquiry with their birth charts, while expressing possibilities and nuances in color and reflective words. My heart is filled up with this program and the participants so far this year! You can join us anytime, for the time being.

Lately, I have been...

... practicing receiving. I'm not so great at it, but with my 40th birthday last month, I tried to get a little better as lots of love came my way from my closest folks. The anticipation of the big 4-0 was uncomfortable and sensitive, I won't lie... with some age appropriate life-reflection, I suppose. When the day actually arrived, though, I truly just felt so LIGHT in my heart and very, very grateful and joyful for this Life, and ready for the unknown of the next chapter.

Lately, I have been...

... reading some really great books on astrology, the moon, being a birthing partner (for my sis!), racial/criminal injustice, spiritually guided resistance (what would Jesus do? No, REALLY...? kind of stuff), icon and illuminated manuscript art, and practicing devotion. *ah, books*

Lately, I have been...

... playing piano more. Like I did as a kid. Losing time. For me. Music goes hand-in-hand with devotion in my world.

... and practicing reading birth charts. oh, how I love this. I offered limited readings in March to my students last week, and the spots were gone in less than an hour. It is such an honor & joy for me to get to spend time with a chart and share what I see with the person... all in the hopes that they feel more connected to their wholeness, to others and to the great sacred mystery of Life unfolding.

Lately, I have been...

... praying. Re-finding and redefining and finally claiming my faith. Every day. With others. In new, uncomfortable ways for me. Not just in the ways I was given or shown, or ways I have wished I could call my own, but in the ways I've been called. Being me, in relationship with God. This is tender territory... some of it very new territory to me... or variations on territory that's always felt like home... that is, such a huge, huge part of who I am and always have been. Lately, I've been trusting that more fully, and finally choosing to make it the most important relationship in my life. And so, as it goes with such things, there are changes happening within.

Lately, I have been...

... online a bit less. In my life a bit more. Loving it that way. And exploring ways of finding the balance that fits my work and life with this... which leads to another thought...

Lately, I have been...

... remembering how important a simple, grounded life is to me - especially in this crazy world. Remembering how much I value intimacy and time for my closest relationships, to learn more of what makes me a better human being, and to just be quiet, in nature, as much as possible. Remembering how I hope to show up to others I work with. How important it is to my heart and soul to choose a slower, intentional pace, and a clear channeling of my creative energy, for the possibility of communion with that deeper presence. Remembering that not knowing is the chance to connect with the natural, divine mystery. Remembering to not confuse tools with their intended purpose and gifts. To not get caught up in unnecessary nay-saying, gossip, drama, suspicion and critique, but to choose to see the beauty in the unfolding, the places where growth and hope can shine through the cracks... hushing our minds, shining peace on our hearts and initiating action with clarity.

Lately, I have been...

Listening. Growing. Grateful.

What have you been noticing in your world and skin lately? May you know clarity, peace and discovery, whatever it is.

With heart,

Hali Karla

Snippets of Love, Life and Process: Week 7

A few selective Week 7 snippets of art+life process+musings from my IG this past week: 13 February 2016

Two of our household favorites.

automatic sketching in charcoal and gesso

Sketches in free-flying energy, charcoal and paint.

detail of in process altered book art journal mixed-media self portrait (Hali Karla)

Making Art Medicine starts with knowing yourself, how you see and relate, and what your creative energy needs to thrive. Making your art, heart and hands all-in -- with *your* rhythm, mark and voice -- guides you to this knowing, unique to you.

(First Making Art Medicine session starts Feb. 29 - so excited! >>> Learn more HERE )

snippet of life and Lily soaking up the sun

Everyone's happy about the sun visiting today.

palette pages, starting layers in altered book art journal (Hali Karla)

Palette pages....

this is the last edition of 21 SECRETS that I'm the Creative Director for - come join us - it's a GREAT one to really dive into your art journaling practice! So much talent in these teachers!

To all the 21 SECRETS teachers I've had the pleasure of working with over the past couple of years, thank you for being you, and saying yes to sharing your creative heart with others. I've been Creative Director for 21 SECRETS for two years now, getting to select, invite and work with some amazing artists for four editions, and having an incredible working relationship with my dear friend @dirtyfootprints to bring art journaling experiences to artists around the world ... Meanwhile, my own offerings have been growing beautifully, too... So it was a tough decision, but the right one, to say this would be my last 21 SECRETS as CD. And, I have to say - this workshop and theme is absolutely fantastic!!! I'm honored and proud to get to be part of shining light on these brilliant teachers for you. They have created high quality, engaging, and inspiring workshops to bring very specific tools & techniques to your practice and play.

Head over to find out who they are and what they've cooked up... Bit.ly/artjournal21 ...

detail of mixed media page play in an altered book art journal, wip, (Hali Karla)

Page ten, in process. Paint may be my favorite way to celebrate, center and listen.

handmade birthday card by my sister

My sister is one of my soul mates and best friends. She is also one of the most thoughtful gift givers ever. And an incredible artist (that's my bday card). We've been through a helluva lot together and by each other's side, and sometimes separated for a time... She has watched and supported my artists journey and healing journey my whole life... And visa versa. And we laugh so much together. I hope for every woman a connection like this... With a sister of spirit, blood or both.

See more at the BLOG, or follow along and connect on Instagram - it's my favorite social media place right now.

Hope you have a creative and heARTfull upcoming week - you can find me in the studio finishing up details for our first week in ESSENCE, starting Feb. 29!

Snippets of Love, Life and Process: Week 6

Here is my Week 6 round-up of art+life+musings as shared on Instagram this past week. It's been a super busy week behind the scenes as I prepare Making Art Medicine's first session, and with 21 SECRETS Spring edition coming up, so just a few pics this week...

Art Practice, Moon Magic February Creative Practice Invitation is up, Hali Karla Arts

The new monthly theme is posted, and ready for your New Moon creative practice... Aquarius is a visionary, freedom-loving, true-to-you energy, and perfect for creative exploration of how your inner and outer worlds do or don't align. We're starting to play along here with tag #artpracticemoonmagic , plus there's a link-up for sharing at my site, too, anytime between now and the March new moon.

Get the full February moon-guided prompt RIGHT HERE

Hot Point Trio at Django Birthday Show in Asheville, NC

On the right, that's my guy. Tonight is the re-scheduled 7th annual Django Bday Party in Asheville. It is always an amazing show in honor of one of the greatest guitarists, and put on by some of Asheville's finest musicians. This is Hot Point Trio - Steve's band. If you ever come through town, they play several times a week, most weeks, and if you like gypsy jazz, or just fine musicianship - you will love them. Plus, both Steve and the bassist, Trevor, handmade their instruments!

CLICK HERE to listen to the video clip I shared on Instagram

Or visit their site HERE

art journal altered book wip page

Evening pages.

deatil of wip altered book mixed media art journal spread, Hali Karla

A few more marks... Loving pencils over paint tonite.

(I was using my Derwent Inktense pencils - which are now listed over with some of my other favorite-supplies HERE)

making homemade art journals with re-purposed office supplies in the studio (Hali Karla Arts)

Any other recovering office supply addicts out there??? Some things will remain forever analog in my heart, but being able to turn piles of file folders I no longer use or need into handmade home-bound art journals makes me so happy!

(The binding machine, binders and paper cutter I love are listed over HERE as well)

thumbnail studies in sketchbook

Practice seeing, eye to heart to hand to page. Quick studies.

(We'll be doing all sorts of fun studies, intentional reflection AND free-flow intuitive play in drawing and paint in Making Art Medicine this year. The first sesssion opens in two weeks.... eeeee! JOIN US?)

art journal sketchbook collage detail, Hali Karla

Explain less, stand strong and create more. .... ... .. . [see the blog post with full spread + musings]

Hope your week was colorful, creative and full of connections you love!