What It's Like to Paint Along with Us

Did you miss the free 21 Secrets LIVE! Spreecast test run last month? Are you wondering what this 21 Secrets Live! is going to be like? Well - here's the Spreecast replay, just for you! Grab an art journal and some paints and paint along with us while you get a taste-tease of how it will work. Thanks to those who showed up with us that day, too - it was fun to have you all there with us, and we were able to work out (and laugh about) some kinks along the way, so that 21 Secrets Live! runs smooth as butter starting on January 15!


If you missed the weekly Blog Hop from this month and are curious about what Lisa, Connie and myself shared, just click on one of the following topics to see our answers and inspire your own creative practice:

What do you do when your painting takes a wrong turn?

How do you make time for your art in a busy life?

How do you know when an art journal page is complete?