WILD for Succulent Creative Arousal !!

Just a little excited over here... can you tell?
I've spent the majority of the weekend making videos and moving juicy color and words around.

Ends up there's a whole lot of fun in Arousing Creative Succulence...
SENSEual surprises flirting with free-form expression
And big-time wild woman truths for exploration!

Did I mention that's the name of the class I'm offering in the WILD Workshop?

It goes on sale MARCH 1!! (that's this week!)

11 Wild Women guides offering 11 fun, insightful, diverse self-paced on-line classes!

Wanna know more about my special class, all about staying tapped into creative arousal
     and why that's so important and integral for our spirits and life?

Check it out:

Arousing Creative Succulence

Let's face it – as women, enticing our full-being arousal can be tricky. Fully experiencing the sensual awareness and insights of the body is vital to activating a healthy, succulent, loving cycle of giving and receiving with the mystery of creativity.

We will explore simple, playful ways to re/connect with our bodies and Turn On to the wild inspiration and potential that is always available, always ours, alive within our very senses. We'll explore how this activated arousal can naturally flow out into our lives in passionate partnerships with a variety of mediums & activities as we write, draw, taste, touch, sniff, share, dance, paint, and more. This class is an adventure that you will be able to modify and take with you on your journey as a Spirit gifted with being sensationally human.

Whether you express your creativity through the arts, service, healing, cooking, interactions or any way imaginable, this class is for You. If you feel like you are not creative or are way out of touch with creativity, this class is absolutely for You! The only prerequisite is that you hold the curiosity to explore and develop an intimately holistic, accessible relationship with your own wild, sensual knowing and expression.

The class has two juicy parts:

Arousal Awareness   &   Arousal Activation

Sound like fun???

You'll make 2 abstract, free style paintings with me, all about your own wild creative succulent sensual experience of being alive...
     - and you don't need to know a thing about art or painting! Seriously! It's so much fun.

C'mon, Women! You know you wanna get WILD with me.

And then there's 10 other classes, too...

You can read about the other amazing classes HERE.
Scroll down on that page for the teacher bio link
    - I think you'll be amazed by the inspiring Women lined up for this journey!!
I'm super psyched to be working alongside them.

Just because I'm so over the moon thrilled about the whole WILD adventure,
I'm gonna offer a little mini giveaway to the first 2 people who sign up from LilyWheel Slide, too!

And you know what else? This isn't the only announcement I have to share this week! 
I tell ya, people, beautiful happenings are taking place. 

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Lisa Dieken. Hostess for WILD.

(This whole amazing WILD experience is being hosted and coordinated
by the amazing Lisa Dieken of Wild Creative Heart!)

Now, excuse me, but I've got some WILD planning to get back to...


(yep. you guessed it. i'm a teacher, so i'm an affiliate for WILD.)