WILD Registration Open Today plus a Giveaway!!!

I'm one of the 11 guides for the WILD journey!

Not only will I guide you through my class, but I'll also be participating in the other classes,
so won't you consider joining us???


Lisa Dieken, the hostess for WILD elaborates:
What is WILD?
WILD is a transformative, creative, soulful, juicy online workshop with 11 self-guided classes.  The excellent wild woman teachers from diverse backgrounds and experience will share their knowledge, creativity and passion about an aspect of The Wild Woman archetype.    Because the classes are self-guided, you, as a participant, will choose which classes you want to take and the order in which you take them.  There is also a supportive online community to share what you have learned and created and also to meet and interact with other members of the workshop.   

The teachers will be available to answer your questions and interact with you during the entire duration of the workshop. 

The information for the classes, including pdf files, videos, audios, and other supportive text and photos will always be available.
You will be able to download the pdf files.
The videos however, are not downloadable.
Other content (for example: audio files) is downloadable at the discretion of each teacher.
The price is almost too good to be true.
Yep. That's it. For 11 classes!
Did I mention that I'm having a little   
Giveaway for the first 2 people that register from this site????? 
(keep reading)
In case you missed the previous post about my class, here's a reminder:
Arousing Creative Succulence

Let's face it – as women, enticing our full-being arousal can be tricky. Fully experiencing the sensual awareness and insights of the body is vital to activating a healthy, succulent, loving cycle of giving and receiving with the mystery of creativity.

We will explore simple, playful ways to re/connect with our bodies and Turn On to the wild inspiration and potential that is always available, always ours, alive within our very senses. We'll explore how this activated arousal can naturally flow out into our lives in passionate partnerships with a variety of mediums & activities as we write, draw, taste, touch, sniff, share, dance, paint, and more. This class is an adventure that you will be able to modify and take with you on your journey as a Spirit gifted with being sensationally human.

Whether you express your creativity through the arts, service, healing, cooking, interactions or any way imaginable, this class is for You. If you feel like you are not creative or are way out of touch with creativity, this class is absolutely for You! The only prerequisite is that you hold the curiosity to explore and develop an intimately holistic, accessible relationship with your own wild, sensual knowing and expression.
You will get 6 videos on instruction and the process from me alone 
(maybe 7, I'm still creating this WILDNESS), 
several pdfs of inspiration & activities to download and keep 
so that you can add these tricks into your own medicine bag for the future, 
plus two abstract paintings you create 
(which can be left as is, elaborated on, 
or turned into various other art projects for future uses or gifts, 
which I'll go over as well!)
And I've got to tell you, I'm having way too much fun with this already. 
Not only are the practices in my class evoking a more intimate knowing 
with the WILD SENSE-ual me within, 
but I'm feeling a deeper, more playful connection in all of my experiences as they happen, 
a greater sense of joy in my creativity, 
and a grounded, renewed commitment to trusting my intuition. 
Is that intriguing or what??? It's better than even I expected, and it's easy-weasy. 
No experience necessary.
You can read more about WILD HERE, including all the info. about classes and teacher bios!
So what about that Giveaway, you say???
I have two extra mandala prints from the Prayer Painting process I offered in January.
You can read more about this process and painting HERE.
The prints are of this mandala:
Each is 7" in diameter on 8"x10" paper for easy framing. 
(Valued at 20 dollars.)

I love this mandala because somehow it reminds me 
of our beautiful feminine forms and energy -
which just seems perfect as a giveaway for WILD!

The first 2 people that register for WILD from this site
will receive the gift of one of these prints, 
plus 2 mandala notecards (the mandala on these will vary)!

Here's how to register for WILD and enter the giveaway:

            (It's super important you use one of the links on this page to register
                     if you want to enter the giveaway)     
2. LEAVE A COMMENT below stating that you registered!
The first two people with comments below stating that they registered via one of the links above get the free prints and notecards once registration is verified!!

Easy, right?
If you're still unsure or want to hear more about WILD, join some of my WILD cohorts for a live talk radio show Friday March 2 at 3pm EST on Transformation Talk Radio! I have a feeling there will be cartwheels and howls and lots of good energy. Just go here to listen.
Can't wait to meet your WILD side!
Yep. I'm a teacher for WILD, so I'm an affiliate. :)