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a sketchbook flip-thru | Something from the Studio 15

Creativity is about connections, and connections are not made by siloing everything off into its own space. New ideas are formed by interesting juxtapositions, and interesting juxtapositions happen when things are out of place.
— Austin Kleon

I finally edited this flip-through video of a "patchwork" sketchbook I put together earlier this year.

By "patchwork" I mean a conglomeration of spreads created by pieces and parts from my creative practice, sketches, fodder, unfinished art journals+such - and even remnants from art I made 20+ years ago - all hanging around in my studio in various places. 

Putting two sketches, paintings or visual ideas next to each other, that weren't necessarily made with one another in mind, is a wonderful way to see some of your own style or visual language coming through, without even really trying. You begin to see the way you make marks even as you change mediums or focus, the colors and movement, the energy within the simpler pages, and the beauty behind the messy pages and nonsensical leftovers.

This sketchbook is not one of my more intentional contemplative or intuitive practices at all, and it's certainly no masterpiece or poster-child for intricately completed art or art journaling. 

It's a sketchbook. An idea book. A place of collection and everyday creative-randomness, noticing, expression... coming together eventually in unexpected ways. Unexpected visual dialogues and juxtapositions.

It IS a unique approach, though, in that I don't always put together sketchbooks like this one usually.

My current everyday sketchbook approach has more of a sequence in time as I capture ideas, and a lot more writing involved. But this one definitely became an interesting contemplation in its own right, in the process of bringing things together from a span of many years... with some pages that surprised me with a spark of curiosity and have led to more meditative or interesting explorations and ideas since. 

Things had to be pulled out of their tidy places to be seen fresh in new relationships with one another. They found a new place to be, so there is a bit of that mysterious process paradox at play, too.

This video/sketchbook also includes a peek at a couple of sketches that did become larger paintings and meditations in my process. Those paintings are here and here.

A flip-thru video of a mixed-media sketchbook art journal | Hali Karla Arts

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Also - that Austin Kleon quote is from his book Keep Going - it’s a good one.

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the time it takes for Creative Practice (musing + video) | Something From the Studio 14

Here’s a recent intuitive painting process video, with a musing on taking time to cultivate a Creative Practice (and the sense of connection we find within it). Just a little Something From the Studio…

Here’s an imperfect transcript, in case you like to read the words:

Hello there friends. This is just a little something from the studio.

It's a time-lapse video of an intuitive piece I created not that long ago.

I thought I'd share just briefly some of the things I've been thinking about and came up for me with this painting and editing this video.

I've been thinking about time, and how we make time and take time, and how we spend the currency of our time.

And thinking about the time it takes to cultivate a creative practice.

This is something that often comes up for people who are trying to find a rhythm with their own creative practice and what it looks like to fit creativity into a full and busy life. And to create that space in our life for a creative practice that touches both that joy and that depth within the process, and reawakens that spark of creative energy within us and makes us feel a little more connected to some of those things that we can't put words to.

And yet here in social media and all these things, we present our lives and our art in, you know, very specific sorts of lighting or environments. We use filters and tricks of illusions and we selectively curate what we're going to show and what we're not, and then we add in these explanations and edited captions and things, and then we present it at 20 times the speed - for instance, like in this video - hoping for what? you know?

I don't know… we're hungry. We're hungry to share, we're hungry to see what others have to share. Then we're hoping for some sort of mass consumption or something - perhaps to be inspired, to inspire others… and we eat it up, right?

Because of that hunger, we eat it up, what we all put out there, we eat it up. Because we love to be entertained by this promise of a quick result.

And then we wonder why it can be so hard to actually slow down and do the work it actually takes to enjoy and be present to our hands-on creativity, bringing that creative energy out of the ideas of our mind and into something that's manifested before us.

Into listening to the call of our spirit and engaging with touch… connecting to our life, to one another, to the natural rhythms that pulse and germinate within us.

But if we pause long enough to listen, we'll hear this wisdom in our cells that reminds us that anything fruitful and life-giving, anything worth our time and attention…

will ask us to simply take the time it takes… 

to slow down… 

and to remember our place in this real time experience of creating and creation.

intuitive painting art demo with musing on Creative Practice | Hali Karla Arts

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never say never

fluid acrylics, intuitive prayer art creative practice, Hali Karla Arts

i said i wasn’t going to do this, but i am.

how many times in life do we get to tango with that one?

i said i wasn’t going to [insert your thing here]…. but then, there you are, doing it. choosing it. giving it a try. maybe even enjoying it.

sometimes it’s not so good, that predicament. maybe you’re sacrificing too much of yourself to do the thing you knew deep down you shouldn’t.

but other times, it’s not so much about that. it can be a fertile, albeit humbling, territory.

because we thought we knew… why or why not… what was better, best, for good… and then something changed. shifted. our perspective, situation, understanding, needs, desires, context….

and what a blessing it can be to not know after all. to land in that peculiar state of not-knowing and yes, outside of what we [think we] know and no.

to remember we are dynamic, despite the ideas, convictions and beliefs our minds cling to.

to find we might appear even foolish, but that our own deeper intuition no longer seems to care, because what might be learned, initiated or nourished is suddenly and possibly very important.

even if we can’t explain why.

even if all the reasons we weren’t going to [do the thing] still exist.

maybe most especially then, should we dare to dream, hope, try, do the work and see what happens. because even if it doesn’t work out how we’d like… we are choosing to believe we can navigate that, too. and taking the risk to receive what we need even if we don’t exactly get what we want.

because at the end of the day - and our lives - it’s the decisions we didn’t make, the creative calls we pretended not to hear, and the risks we didn’t take in the name of love and connection that will haunt us with the melancholic ghost of wandering regret.

the calls we heed and the nudges we move toward, though… even if we swore we wouldn’t before we heard the call to do just that… the ones we follow despite what we think we know… these matter most in our becoming and staying with, on the waves of life’s transformations and how we relate.

i tend to believe we are each keepers of tradition and innovators of change somehow. both and, not either or.

we each hold a part of some old way, to remember, rediscover and help preserve or evolve.

AND we each hold a part of a vision of some new way, of being better humans, waiting to take form in how we live with one another and creation.

we don’t hold it like gripping, but more like a dna thread that runs invisibly through us, encoded with messages of merging possibilities. just part of us, in our place in time and space.

a tributary of what we know and don’t know yet and maybe even can’t know coming into life.

connecting the ways of past and future right here, right now, in you. me. each of us.

when we quiet and open, listen and respond, we find that we are given choices in this greater entanglement where everything is most wonderously connected.

choices to begin to move toward what feels true, what we always dreamed or sensed, where we will find things we never saw coming.

or perhaps to begin to move toward what we thought we never would, where we just might be surprised to find something we needed and wanted all along.

there’s no guarantee in any of it. where we will find our place, what we seek and desire, or the medicine we need to receive and hope to give… and there’s no way of knowing how any of that might change inside of us as we live face-to-face with our lives in the world.

there are just choices to make and work to do on behalf of the living rivers of creativity and love, calling us to surrender and overflow when we can, with nothing but faith and a yes.

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