In the Stars

Creative Practice & Astrology come together for this exciting program. You will be gently guided through the intricacies of your own birth chart, while exploring its possibilities and messages in your visual creative practice. A perfect class for any creative soul in love with the wonders of creation above and below - as experienced within and expressed outward - and for all who are on a journey of self-inquiry, deepening relationships and empowering life with the joy + rhythms of creative energy and perspective. No art or astrology experience necessary.

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18 teachers + tons of lessons and connection with creative kindreds.

Don't miss this program, hosted by bookmaking artist & writer Kiala Givehand. It is beautifully put together and packed with goodness+community for your creative practice journey.

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Make A Mess MAGIC is my popular workshop in 21 SECRETS Color, Color, Color.

In this workshop: We’re going to dive in to free-flowing waters, trudge up the sludge and splash around, making mud on the page. We’ll use a variety of mixed-media supplies for our mess-making experiments. Then we’ll explore some ways for turning that fertile ground into pure, colorful art-journaling magic.

There are 22 other workshops from 22 other teachers in this fun-filled edition as well - to inspire, spark and rejuvenate your art journaling practice!

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 Making Art Medicine, Mixed-media classes for the soulful creative with Hali Karla Arts

Making Art Medicine, Mixed-media classes for the soulful creative with Hali Karla Arts

Making Art Medicine was a series of three theme-based workshops released in 2016, intended to get your hands and heart in a focused mixed-media creative practice, so that you can discover the medicine, perspectives and gifts of your art-making, waiting to infuse your awareness and life. Focus was on reflective portrait exploration of self and others (Essence), connecting with nature through landscape and nature-inspired art making (Origin), and intuitive creative process (Impulse).

These sessions will likely be re-released in 2018, in a new format - with first dibs and a discount to my mailing list subscribers.

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art, healing and creative process...

Over 45 conversations with inspiring teachers, artists, writers and more.


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