ESSENCE - self-guided Creative Practice ecourse on mixed-media portraits with feeling. Hali Karla Arts


Exploring Your Sense of Self

There may be nothing else that pertains to all of us so intimately as how we see ourselves, how we see others, and how this creates the stories and exchanges we experience. Underneath those stories is the source of our essence - or BEingness… as well as medicine for any feelings of dis-connect, which we all go through.

Portrait practice is a fascinating way to see, contemplate and express our living experience of this dance with self, relativity, connection and perception – regardless of artistic experience.

*** Note: ESSENCE was originally a five week exploration in my Making Art Medicine program. ***

The ART:: Through guided mixed-media portrait studies, of self and others, you will explore the expression, sensations, stories and intricacies that make you You, inside and out.

The MEDICINE:: In honor of your distinct individuality and perceptions, as well as your innate reflection of & connection to the vaster human family, you will practice consciously discerning AND blending the edges where others stop and you begin – reflecting on each approach. All through your personal creative attention (being) and process (doing).


  • ESSENCE is hosted at a private classroom site. You can access and participate in the lesson invitations at any time and work at your own pace, with no pressure.

  • ESSENCE is structured into 5 core ‘lessons.’ Each lesson contains: 1) warm-up practices 2) core creative practice invitations and 3) reflective practices for developing your creative process and awareness. This class was originally released as a 5 week workshop, so you will find plenty to keep you engaged.

  • Basic computer skills are needed (ability to login, access a blog, etc) and a high speed internet connection is recommended for a smooth video-watching experience (videos are also downloadable, though I don't recommend trying to do this due to large file sizes).

  • There is a combination of written instruction, demo & process videos (6.5+ hours), and high-quality photos to guide and inspire you through the lessons and invitations.

  • Supplies needed will be simple and inexpensive mixed-media/craft supplies – making art (especially as personal medicine) does not need to cost a lot or require fancy tools! We will use our art journals or sketchbooks, and create loose paintings and drawings in various sizes. No artistic experience necessary – just a willingness to dive in and try!

mixed-media portrait practice in ESSENCE with Hali Karla Arts
Creative Practice portraits in Essence with Hali Karla Arts

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ESSENCE self-guided mixed-media portrait creative practice class with Hali Karla Arts

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mixed-media collage portrait practice in Essence with Hali Karla Arts

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