Our impulses, urges, attractions and instincts are both sensually and mysteriously sourced and sparked.

There is a rhythm to your unique creative process life-cycle – a moment when the IMPULSE is an opportunity to expand and co-create something that moves beyond your original intention and imagination… if you can recognize and meet the moment of engagement with surrender, curiosity and activation.

IMPULSE is a guided series of painting activities intended to get your hands, heart and imagination moving spontaneously in a mixed-media creative practice, so you can discover, re-awaken and get to know the medicine, perspectives and gifts, in your innate creative spirit, style, rhythm and experience.

The practices are more structured than just an intuitive process, and more intuitive than highly structured ‘assignments.’

*** Note: IMPULSE was originally a five week exploration in my Making Art Medicine program.

The ART:: You will create dynamic studies & begin a body of mixed-media art that expresses and explores inner movement (feeling+instinct+experience), in a very free-spirited and playful way. You will practice how to identify, join and amplify your unique rhythm, through mixed-media creative practice and invitations designed to inspire your free-spirit and stretch your comfort zones. Expect to have fun, get messy, and be surprised with this session.

The MEDICINE:: You will explore your capacities for different approaches and stages of the creative process. Through experiential invitations and reflection on creative flow, momentum and resistance, you will move closer to partnering with your pure, unfiltered creative impulse – and what that FEELS like moving through you into the world as a way of relating and expression, so that you can re-connect with it as a compass for creative joy, learning, participation and vitality.

A Creative Practice painting from IMPULSE, self-guided online ecourse with Hali Karla Arts


Practice demo from ecourse IMPULSE with Hali Karla Arts
  • IMPULSE is hosted at a private classroom site. You can access and participate in the lesson invitations at any time and work at your own pace, with no pressure.

  • IMPULSE is structured into 5 core lessons. Each lesson has three main parts: 1) a warm-up activity, 2) a core creative practice invitation, and 3) reflective practices for developing your creative process and awareness. It was originally released as a 5 week workshop, so you will find plenty to keep your creative attention focused and primed.

  • Basic computer skills are needed (ability to login, access a blog, etc) and a high speed internet connection is recommended for a smooth video-watching experience (videos are also downloadable, though I don't recommend trying to do this due to large file sizes).

  • There is a combination of written instruction, demo & process videos (4.5 + hours), and high-quality photos to guide and inspire you through the lessons and invitations.

  • Supplies needed will be simple and inexpensive mixed-media/craft supplies – making art (especially as personal medicine) does not need to cost a lot or require fancy tools! We will use our art journals or sketchbooks, and create loose paintings and drawings in various sizes. No artistic experience necessary – just a willingness to dive in and try!


Feel free to register and begin anytime! You will receive access instructions shortly after you register, and can begin creating right away.

IMPULSE self-guided creative practice ecourse with Hali Karla Arts


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REFUND POLICY: Due to the immediate access and online nature of the course,
no refunds will be issued unless there are very special circumstances.