Creative Practice + Astrology

Learn about your own astrological birth chart through the astrological symbolic language, and explore its holistic messages, intricacies and nuances unique to you, through Creative Practice and reflective journaling about your living experience.

Originally a 12 month exploration, you can now enjoy the full immersive program at your own pace.

Now with Immediate Access

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Astrology + Creative Practice - an immersive exploration of your birth chart with Hali Karla Arts

IN THE STARS will invite you to explore your natal chart beyond character trait definitions, moving into an inner world of layers and beauty, ripe for transformative self-awareness.

You will learn how to consider focal points and dominant archetypes from multiple perspectives, take what is resonant and pertinent into your life, and bring it into your Creative Practice for further discovery and insight.

The Creative Practice invitations make great art journaling processes, but no art experience is necessary to enjoy the fullness of the content invitations.

You will begin to see connections that take time to reveal, and many that no outside interpreter could possibly make for you, even in the best of readings.

Because the power of astrology is as a personal, living relationship with the miracle of creation, your psyche and unique experience, as well as our shared, inherent interconnection as a collective human family.


Guided by archetypal themes (see below), you will mindfully, intuitively and visually explore the significance of key celestial bodies and where they fall in your personal birth chart, learning about the important relationships between them that create unique dynamic in how you experience your life.

In The Stars includes:

details from intuitive Creative Practice art journal
  • Lessons on the astrological symbols: ‘planets,’ zodiac signs & houses, as well as other core astrological language fundamentals (such as aspects, rulers, elements, modalities, etc)

  • Rich journaling prompts for personal reflection, inviting you to dive deep

  • Printables to help ground your learning and center your focus

  • Creative practice invitations and demos to further explore your curiosities and awareness about your chart placements

More details below…

It is my deepest intent that this exploration of discovery be both fun and meaningful, and that what you learn and discover feels inspiring, healing, encouraging and practically relative for your life and relationships.



Each of the following themes centers around a core placement in your chart…

1 :: Shining True & Through
2 :: Mirrors, Mysteries & Intuition
3 :: Mischief, Stories & Perceptions
4 :: In Love, Beauty & Creation
5 :: emPower & Protect
6 :: Uplift, Beyond Limits
7 :: The long-haul: Focus & Great Works
8 :: Wake Up & Break Free, True-To-You
9 :: Fly High: Spirit & Dreams
10 :: Power, Shadows & The Persistent Unconscious
11 :: Initiating Healing & The Key of Connection
12 :: Going From Here: Your Evolutionary Journey

Plus more…

Each core theme contains astrological lessons, reflective journaling prompts, and creative practice invitations (great for art journaling) - averaging 8 videos and 5 audios per theme to guide your exploration,
with printables and additional resources throughout.

Content can now be explored and enjoyed at your own pace.


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A popular request - You can now join IN THE STARS with three monthly payments of $85.


Your insights and presentation are outstanding and completeLY resonate with me. I appreciate being able to review and digest the information.

- 2018 ITS Participant


  • You are a soulful creative or curious seeker

  • Being creative or artsy is an enjoyable, meaningful and often cathartic practice for you, and you are interested in integrating it with personal reflection and growth

  • You are interested in learning about – or learning more about – your astrological natal chart as a tool for self-discovery

  • You are curious about archetypal energies and instincts, and how they show up in your inner and outer experiences

  • You are interested in the application of symbology and metaphor to enhance and create meaning in the story of your life

  • You have a wholistic perspective – and wish to cultivate the way you engage, nurture and express this in life & relationship

  • You want to deepen your intuition and trust in your inner experience, understanding that this reflects and transmits into your outer world as well, and contributes to our collective human story


I absolutely love how this course material is offered as a beautiful mixture of still images, text, videos and audio recordings. I especially love the audio (and videos once watched become "audios" too) since I love both the freedom to do other things in my studio and my own learning style is best suited with this type of oral tradition. Many thanks Hali Karla for creating a beautiful "container" for us to enjoy.

- 2017 participant


  • A deeper, focused look at the core foundations and potentials of the astrological language and zodiac wheel

  • Audios and video lessons on the planetary/archetypal themes, as well as each zodiac sign, and houses - to help you move into a meaningful and holistic interpretation of your chart placements. These are in depth throughout the program content.

  • Reflective Prompts, guided Creative Practice Invitations (via videos), printable tables and charts - all to inspire and deepen your exploration and understanding

  • Bonus astrology tips, lessons and additional resources for further exploration

  • Access to a monthly Q&A process with Hali in 2019

  • First dibs and a significant discount on private chart readings with Hali

  • A special comprehensive look at the houses of the chart, with reflective invitations to personalize your learning, called A Dance Through the Houses (this alone is over 8 hours of guided, interactive instruction, and was a favorite in 2018)

  • Access to a private IN THE STARS course site, where you can return to the content as much as you like, whenever you like

  • Access to an optional private Facebook group to connect with other IN THE STARS participants

  • PLEASE NOTE: This full program includes ALL of the content in the ‘planetary’ mini-ecourses (plus more with each planetary theme), The Closer Look eCourse, and the Dance through the Houses, and MUCH MORE.


About the ART experience…

You do not need to consider yourself an artist to enjoy this program or a creative practice!

Please understand that this is not necessarily a technique oriented class. It is about mixed-media experimentation, working with what you have, and activating your unique stylistic relationship to your creative energy, curiosity and intuitive process. I will share with you my approach and process, including tips that may enhance your skills, technique and knowledge – but only to inspire and enhance your practice. Everyone’s journal will look beautifully different. Emphasis is on liberating *your* creative process and intuition through practice, not necessarily on technique.

Supplies will not be excessive – an art practice can easily be an affordable, and priceless, gift to yourself. All of the invitations can be altered and adjusted to work with very basic supplies and substitutions – much of which you likely already have on hand.

You are never required to share work from your process, but will be supported if/when you do. I always encourage mindfulness around sharing, particularly when working with deeply personal expression and topics. It is most important that your creative practice be an uninhibited, safe place for you to explore, release, honor, heal and express your dynamic feelings, stories, challenges, questions, visions and joys.

2017 participant art journal pages

2017 participant art journal pages


About the ASTROLOGY approach…

The foundation of astrology has room for both intuitively creative and orderly approaches, as well as paradoxes with multitudes of context and possibility.

I have focused on western approaches to astrological interpretation in my studies and practice – applying my holistic lens and love of creative process, psychology, spirituality, evolutionary consciousness and healing. This weaving is how I share the astrological language with you.

I am excited to get to share basic astrological application and creative exploration with you – so that you can discover and de-mystify some of the beauty of your unique birth chart as a companion to your life and experiences. Who knows where it will lead you?

For me, the true gift of our birth chart is in learning about ways we relate to ourselves, our world and one another.

Regardless of your previous experience with astrology, what IN THE STARS points your attention to, and how you can apply it to your own chart and life, is totally accessible.

I am passionate about creative practice and astrology equally, and look forward to seeing what possibilities, connections and questions you discover along the way!

You may find that you lean more toward the creative practice aspect of the program, or the astrological exploration – but either way, and regardless of experience, I am certain you will learn something new and find inspiration for your creativity, personal development & relationships.


Frequently Asked Questions


HOW DOES THIS PROGRAM WORK? Do I need to attend in real-time?

IN THE STARS is now a self-guided program, and you do *not* need to be available in ‘real-time’ to receive or enjoy any of the content. You can participate from wherever you are, at times that are good for you, and enjoy it all at your own pace over at the private course site.

Do I need previous art or astrology EXPERIENCE?

Absolutely not! The creative practice invitations will be designed for all levels of art-making experience and will encourage experimentation and a process-oriented approach. And over the course of your exploration, your astrology knowledge will expand into a bigger picture, much like threads weaving together to create a tapestry. See more on the art and astrology approaches above.

What SUPPLIES will be needed?

Our creative practice activities will be possible to complete with the most basic of art supplies. Any special supplies you have on top of that will just add to your personal exploration. You will likely want a dedicated art journal or sketchbook just for IN THE STARS - I recommend a 9″x12″ or larger. Many students have used binders to organize their lesson content, as well. There is a basic supply list as you begin that offers ideas on what to gather. I do encourage a ‘less is more’ approach for a regular creative practice.

What information do I need for obtaining my BIRTH CHART?

You will need your PLACE and DATE OF BIRTH, and an ACCURATE TIME OF BIRTH. This is usually found on your birth certificate - which can be acquired from the county/city you were born in, if you do not have it. Again, YOU WILL NEED AN ACCURATE BIRTH TIME for the most relative and meaningful experience, since many important parts of your chart simply cannot be easily determined without this. No assistance can be provided for those with an unknown birth time in this self-guided program, however there are astrologers out there who specialize in chart rectification, if you choose to pursue that route.

What TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS do I need for this program?

A computer or mobile device with connection to the internet. A high-speed internet connection will help reduce possible frustration. The videos are best supported by the up-to-date version of the following browsers: Chrome or Firefox. You need to be comfortable with basic computer skills – primarily entering a username and password, accessing your email, and downloading PDF and mp3 files to keep, as you wish.


How long does ACCESS last?

You will have unlimited, lifetime access to the private course site for as long as my Hali Karla Arts website is alive and running. I have no plans of taking this site down. If you choose to download the content via pdf, those are yours to keep forever, too.

Will you be doing individual ASTROLOGY READINGS for participants?

Yes, this will be an option. While private readings are not part of the program registration fee, I do offer a generous discount to IN THE STARS participants, plus first dibs on spots as they become available.

Will I be able to apply what I learn about my own chart to the charts of others?

Of course. This course will launch you into the basics of beginning to interpret and enjoy the holistic possibilities of your chart and those you love. Please keep in mind that astrology is a vast field open to interpretation, and that there is no substitute for one-on-one insight from an experienced astrologer to help guide your discoveries. I always encourage you to keep a beginner’s mind and seek out a multitude of resources, teachings, and perspectives for the most helpful and comprehensive understanding.

What is the REFUND policy?

Due to the online, downloadable, instant-access nature of the content once it is released, all sales are final and refunds are not available. I am confident in the value of the course material, and do not want you to be unhappy with your purchase, so please purchase mindfully and contact me with any questions that will help you make a decision.

some thoughts on IN THE STARS shared in 2018

astrology + creative practice in my art journal

“I just wanted to say how fantastic the course was. I have learnt so so much and had so many insights into myself and also the people around me. You gave so much of yourself in the course and helped us all to dive deep into astrology. I've opened up so many people's eyes to astrology beyond the sun sign and as I do I can see things clicking for them as well. It's like a domino effect and very much aided because of how well you've been able to communicate ideas. I really loved that you described things in a few different ways so that something would click. I also feel like you managed to get to the root of the different planets and signs in such a way that it helps me to understand how the pop astrology tropes have come to be and have been misunderstood.”

- 2018 ITS Participant


Registration open for a limited time only



pay securely with credit card or Paypal



A popular request - You can now join IN THE STARS with three monthly payments of $85.



No refunds will be issued unless there are very special circumstances.
Please purchase mindfully and contact me with any questions that will help you make a decision.