Rain-Makers - creative practice connection with Hali Karla


No rain, no flowers. For me or for you. So come - let's play in the rain!

This is a low-commitment way to receive+connect here, show gratitude, and keep your creative curiosity hydrated. Thank You!


Access to exclusive monthly holistic-creative real-talk posts (may include behind-the-scenes musings, videos, art peeks + tips, reviews & resources from my creative process, biz, holistic/real life soul-working stuff, goals, dreams, struggles, and stuff I'm moved by)

Access to select mini-workshops, freebies and short lessons, new and revived (currently my 5 part Art Heals Art Reveals offering)

• Patron-only community forum, polls, get-togethers, Q&A opportunities and bonuses

Exclusive discounts / early access to my offerings & art

$3 per month

River-Keepers creative practice connection options with Hali Karla


Creative Energy must MOVE.

Creative expression and activation is so much more satisfying + life-nourishing than blocked, frustrated or leaking energy. Keep yours flowing by intentionally keeping the channels open & engaged! Thank you!


• ALL benefits in the Rain tier, PLUS...

A monthly Creative Practice Musing Theme - for your play, journaling, and exploration. Feel into it, follow where it leads in your living experience, & make it yours!

• Full Creative Practice video(s) lesson: a guided invitation+demoin creative/art journaling, contemplative art, intuitive painting/play, mixed-media explorations and more - with musings, tips, photos, prompts and demos (we will flow with our monthly theme in ways that invite us to show up, slow down, love+play deeply, and express with brave+curious honesty+presence in our personal Creative Practice) 

Creative Practice Circles: bi-weekly one-hour live-online art-dates to help you commit/make time for your Creative Practice & connect with other creatives (on alternating Wednesdays 1-2pm EDT; recordings will be available on rotating basis if you can't make it live; at least 2 per month)

• optional: join the Creative Practice Circle Facebook group as an alternative way of connecting with one another

$12 per month

Sea-Changers creative practice options with Hali Karla


Dive Deep... Behold & Beheld. See and Be Seen.

Creative Practice opens the gates to our healing, truth and emotions. To the archetypes within. To our longings, hauntings and wonderment. It can hold and transport All-of-You, while you navigate the nuances and questions of your life. With intention and intuition, your creative spirit can guide you to the medicine you need, to communion with your hope+love and your presence+delight, to trusting your dynamic wholeness in the midst of life's transitions, joys, trials, cycles, depths, brokenness and wonder. Let's journey, make & immerse, in the name of joy, relief and the natural tides of our shifting rhythms, cycles and depths. With deep gratitude+joy…


ALL benefits in the Rain+River tiers, PLUS...

Access to select guided & self-guided online workshops and courses on rotating basis* 

Virtual Holistic-Creatives Gatherings - for rest, release, support, encouragement, remembering, blessing and receiving, for marking our time and wholeness as creative care-givers to our lives and relations, for celebrating our creative energy and callings...  a gift of self-care, holistic-creativity, healing, soul-keeping, space-making and with-ness. Recordings will be available on rotating basis if you can't make the live-online gathering. (currently every other month, beginning in August) 

* This tier is how I'm looking forward to sharing new workshops, programs and classes with you, and will be the earliest + best way/value to participate. These will have an emphasis on diving with Joy AND Depth into our Creative Practices, our holistic awareness and mixed-media explorations. 

The first offering in this new space will be a revival+updated journey of my beloved+popular RELATE program (just for SEA{changer} patrons, beginning in August), plus a brand *new* offering planned for release later this year. I'm so excited to share & connect in this way!

$24 per month

Sky-Gazers creative practice inspiration, soulcare & nourishment options with Hali Karla


Receive & Believe  (limited spots)

At this level, I am both without words (except wow! and yay!) and so excited to share with you my gratitude in a more personal way, from my hand and heart to yours directly.

>>> As a Sky{gazer}, you bring me to blessed-making and soul-keeping within dimensions of gratitude +awe +relief. I feel seen and supported... on path. And I want to be sure You feel seen, supported and on path, too. It's something I do well+best in intimate and big-picture ways. You are directly helping me to move from surviving+selling to thriving+sharing through 1) my own ongoing art-making+healing 2) continued education for offering holistic creative & spiritual direction/care to others 3) room to breathe a little easier while following this windy creative path+call of exploring, making, sharing, and witnessing others with my particular mix of skills, gifts, experience, calling and vision. I offer you my most sincere and joyful gratitude! And this...


• ALL benefits in the Rain+River+Sea tiers above, PLUS... 

Mystery Art+Medicine+Love Mail from me (snail-mail, hold-it-in-your-hands; sent a couple times per yearly patronage)

• Quarterly: Holistic Creative SoulCare Gift Box* with handmade and specially selected items to nourish and inspire your inner artist, healer and see{k}er to live+express with passion, joy, depth, wisdom, and courage in these times... OR... choice of focused birth chart, transit, or progressed moon astrological reading from me

• highest discount / first access to new and limited-capacity offerings, workshops, creations, readings and retreats


* Holistic Creative SoulCare Boxes & Bonuses will vary and include a curated sampling of various creations, tools and ingredients for your soulful, creative path and practice. Possible items: handmade art and journals, prints and cards; supplies, tools + kits for creating; selected goodies from inspiring soulmakers, healers and artisans; seasonal, practice and ritual tools; earthmade and inspired sacred objects + stories; personalized gifts just for you; wearables and altar items; soulful games and amusements; prompts and audios/videos for reflection, journaling and connection; seasonal crafts and items made for working with cycles, dreams and patterns; healing care items or medicines; and more... 

I can't wait to create and share with you through this love language of making and passing on. I've been learning and collecting ideas + skills for this for a long while now (my whole life!?) - and these unique items will be perfect for your creative soulcare and inspiration, OR to pass along as gifts to your loved ones and creative friends, as you feel called.

$50 per month