Creative Practice + Contemplative Online Circle with Hali Karla Arts


is an ecourse designed to help you consciously engage with how you RELATE to self, others and the world, through the insightful experience of keeping a rhythmic + contemplative Creative Practice.

We will draw inspiration & guidance from the Seven Sacred Teachings. Originally taught to me by my father and other elders, these core values of relationship, passed on to many of the indigenous tribes here in North America, were given to help all people of the Earth heal divisiveness and the harm it causes, so that we might live in peace and harmony with all our relations. I will share the teachings with you from my own ongoing process with them over the years. You will find that they are cross-cultural and cross-spiritual values, and meaningful no matter your beliefs or backgrounds.

Basically, if you are human, they will RELATE. ;-)


Contemplation is any way one has of penetrating illusion and touching reality.

Parker Palmer

RELATE 2019 dates:

available via patreon until 1/1/2020

What is a Contemplative Creativity?

To contemplate, put simply, is to mark out a space in time for observation, listening deeply, intentional reflection, and noticing what presents itself within our awareness.

Creative Practice is and can be a conscious process of engagement with…

  • intuition and illuminating connections

  • activation of stillness and/or movement as needed

  • receiving+responding in the liminal+oracular space between the visible and invisible realms

  • empowering resiliency

  • exploring spontaneous, honest expression

  • experimenting with stretching our comfort zone, boldly honoring our truth, and our personal, natural rhythms of awareness

Those who join RELATE will be part of an inquisitive+reflective practice, coming together with other creatives in focused intention, while drawing support from the collective energy and revelations possible within simultaneous inner exploration.

The 2019 RELATE Creative Practice is...

:: An 8 week personal practice* that focuses on your intuitive creativity, innate wholeness and interconnection, and what you bring to the altars of your living and co-creative relationships

:: A chance to strengthen your confidence + nurture your commitment to developing your own Creative Practice

:: A heart-centered way to safely explore how you articulate and integrate your creational and relational energy, with inspiration and guiding tools for aligning your outer life with your inner truth

:: A way to reconnect with the natural pulse of reverence and sacred medicine always within you, even when being human feels unbearably tricky in these times

RELATE Creative Practice Circle with Hali Karla Arts now on Patreon

How does it work?

:: Once a week you will receive an email with a link to inspirational content to guide your personal practice.

There are two options to join this year: For patrons (at the SeaChanger tier), the content will be made accessible through my Patreon Creative Practice Community. For those who join via the “Solitude” option, content will be accessible strictly through email and links. See below for more details on these two options.

Lesson and invitation content will be via PDF, text, audio and/or video. Internet connection (and the ability to download PDF files and access links via your device) will be required to enjoy the content files.

You will have access until the end of the year in case you need to pace yourself a bit more slowly.

:: There will be personal support, connection with one another, and optional Creative Practice Circles and virtual gatherings to support your practice+exploration by joining via the Patreon option

2019 Circle schedule

  • 8/15: Receive Welcome, Intro & tips for preparing and beginning

  • 8/22: Begin with the first of the sacred teachings and your 8 week Creative Practice

  • 8/29 - 10/10: Receive new guiding content weekly

  • For Patrons only:

    • option to join two live-online Creative Practice Circle Hours per month (details on my Patreon)

    • option to join two virtual Holistic-Creative Gatherings on 8/22 and 10/17

    • This is an optional way to support your Creative Practice and soulcare - you won't miss any core RELATE content if you can't make it, or if you choose the “Solitude” self-study option

Register to JOIN

two options…

Join the Patreon Community

This is the virtual Circle option, with the collective energy and interaction experience. NOTE: Please join at the ‘SEA-Changer’ tier for three months for full content access (but stay longer if you like).

You Will Receive:

  • full access to CREATE :: RELATE 2019 until the end of the year (including inbox updates weekly from 8/15-10/10)

  • Online community aspect with support from me, connection with other patrons, and 6 live-online Creative Practice Circle hours and 2 Holistic Creative Gatherings

  • the best value, plus all the extra perks and rewards of being a SEA-Changer Patron (full details at my Patreon page)

$24/month for 3 months
($72 total)

*Be sure you join at the “SEA-Changer” tier!

If you only want to join my Patreon for RELATE, it is easy to cancel your membership after three months payment.

RELATE Creative Contemplative Practice with Hali Karla Arts

relate: in solitude

If you prefer to work through the RELATE Creative Practice on your own or not join Patreon, this email-only option is for you! A circle-of-one experience:

You Will Receive:

  • All CREATE :: RELATE 2019 content sent to your inbox once per week, from 8/15-10/10, with access until the end of the year

PLEASE NOTE: This is a solitary, self-guided option, and does NOT include personal support or access with me or the Circle community forum, or the optional live-online circles or gatherings. The Patreon option is the better value - you decide what’s best for you right now.

this option is now closed

Registration for this option ends 8/31.

See cancellation/refund policy
for this program below.

Let me know if you have any questions.

creative practice and relationship, Hali Karla Arts

You can expect...

:: Rich content inspired by the Seven Sacred Teachings and encouragement to explore what they mean to you, as related to your experience and soulwork

:: Journal prompts for your Creative Practice

:: To make your art. With YOUR voice.You will be encouraged to discover what that means. Emphasis will be entirely on process and contemplation for this ecourse circle.

You will be encouraged to focus your Creative energy by committing to one of the following for your practice:

1) one ongoing contemplative/prayer painting OR
2) daily or weekly art/visual journaling OR
3) daily or weekly photography practice OR
4) daily or weekly Creative Practice outdoors (connecting with nature goes beautifully with RELATE)
5) any other visually oriented craft/art practice that you can come to daily or weekly

More guidance on this will be in the official Welcome.

:: Inspiration tips from me on integrating contemplative practices with a holistic, creative process, as well as relative resources and additional insight to keep you grounded and focused in your practice.

:: To come together virtually for connection with other Creatives in the RELATE program and via the Creative Practice Circle and gatherings if you join via the Patreon option

Cultivating Holistic Creativity, Hali Karla Arts

This is for YOU if...

:: You are ready to explore or expand your creative process as a bridge to a deeper practice of awareness or as part of your spirituality

:: You are seeking to define, refine, or explore your core values and how these can be better integrated into all areas of your life - living from your truth in a way that nourishes your soul and helps reduce suffering, burnout, stress, anxiety, scattered-ness, conflict and confusion

:: You don’t know exactly why, but feel a strong calling to join in (often the best reason, in my experience!)

:: You are intrigued by developing your relationship & language with your self, others and the world~ or feel a need to freshen it up

:: You feel called to start a circle of your own in your community someday (of any format, interest or type), or you want to enhance the quality of circles you already participate in with joyful integrity, value-focus and relational clarity

:: You instinctually sense the power of creative expression as a fundamental facet of holistic well-being and self-acceptance (or have lived this truth and thirst for more!)

:: You are birthing an idea, business, or new way of living - or starting a new chapter in your life - and want to begin your new relationships with clarity and integrity within, aligned with your values, needs and vision (Begin the way you wish to continue!)

:: You are a healer, artist, caregiver, practitioner, therapist, coach, guide, seeker, facilitator, or edge-walking creative, and are not afraid to play AND dive deep in honor of centering yourself in your own wholeness and filling your well


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This is NOT for Everyone.

The effects of an intentional Creative Practice can only be known through direct experience - only you can give that to yourself.

You will practice with regularity in RELATE. In doing so, you will naturally go deep in your creative process. It may be both challenging and joyful. Depth with curiosity and joy/wonder is what we shoot for.

Just to be clear, This is NOT...

  • A typical art-making workshop or e-course! We will make visual art as an integral part of our process, yes, but the emphasis is on you actually showing up to the direct experience of your chosen Creative Practice. Please note: While no art-making experience is necessary, the content is not focused on technique or demonstration at all - though we may discuss some of that in our sharing and circles, for sure! The internet is full of inspiration and ideas to jump-start the technical side of your painting or art journaling.

    Your RELATE practice will move you deeper than the usual how-tos and art-making inspiration out there, if you let it - acting as an intimate tool for getting in touch with your brave, messy, inspired self, and as a ritual for exploring your inner trust, voice & innate knowing. This will look different for every participant… and that’s the beauty.

  • It's also not the usual teacher/student format! What evolves comes from your personal practice, yes - but also the energy and chemistry of the group, where each participant is valued equally in voice+insight, if you choose to participate in the community format. I do not proclaim to be an expert, but rather a devoted practitioner with a map for our journey from my own exploration and learning. I act as a guide, illuminating ideas & path, and inspiring engaged awareness, focus, rhythm and check-ins. I will bring us back to creative process and contemplation again and again, so that you might return to your creative truth over and over.

    I practice what I bring to you to practice. Never perfectly, but with sincerity. The content and format continues to evolve each year I open RELATE, to reflect my own ongoing discoveries and awareness, as well. So if you’ve taken RELATE before, remember it is different for me, and for you, every time we circle with the teachings.

From me to you...


RELATE is very special, and comes right from my living lineage and heart.

I have found the Seven Sacred Teachings to be precious gifts in my own spiritual growth and relationships. Every time I visit them, they reveal to me my current relational blind-spots (and some old ones, too), as well as ways to try to live more in alignment with how I hope to show up in this world, in my roles, and in my relationships.

The teachings themselves do not really change - but we do, so every time we re-visit them, we bring new perspective, which leads to our own deepening insight and becoming.

It’s been 3 years since I last offered RELATE to my online readers and creative friends. So much has happened in the world and personally.

I feel a need for the gifts of the teachings in my own life now, to spend time with them deliberately and consciously, and to let the rivers of creative flow mingle them within me - and I’m inviting you to join me, if you do, too.

We will use these teachings as our launchpad into the waters of our dynamic creative energy and wisdom. We will explore and celebrate how this is amplified, stretched and expanded within our personal Creative Practices, and in a collectively committed circle of like-hearted creatives.


I will share with you some resources, and basic relative animal and plant medicine along the way, and invite you to share what relates from your experience, that we all may learn together. What is often most meaningful, though, is that combined with your personal process - what you notice in your natural living environment and real-time interactions - while bringing the light of the teachings into your consciousness. In this way, we will practice the awareness, expression and expansion of our inherent, creative patterns of relating, like (re)planting seeds in the soil of our souls.

Everything about us is Relational, Creative and Rhythmic.

Hali Karla, artist, teacher, spiritual and intuitive companion

Are you ready to explore this in your practice, too?

With Joy + Gratitude,


QUESTIONS???? Send me a note HERE.

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RELATE Creative Contemplative Practice + Circle with Hali Karla Arts
mixed-media RELATE prayer painting | Hali Karla Arts

mixed-media RELATE prayer painting | Hali Karla Arts

2: relate - in solitude

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A circle-of-one experience:

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Refund & Cancellation Policy + 2019 Donations

No refunds will be issued, except in rare circumstances. Please purchase mindfully.

A portion of the 2019 proceeds from RELATE will go toward supporting the work of HONOR THE EARTH.