Things are changing. So much is uncertain, ending and beginning, messy… and so much is beautifully alive.

In the world. Within each of us… and All of Us.

We are created, creative beings, made to give and receive, to rejoice and grieve, to hold close and uplift.

We are made to Be With. Be Still. Be Free.
Formed. Unconforming. Willing to be Transformed.
To be awake to the mystery of a life lived with Spirit, on purpose.

How is Creative Spirit calling you to Life?

I send out notes 1-2 times a month with the intent to keep us awake and to our creative callings and truth, and engaged with how that shows up, supports and transforms our outer living experience. Curious? Join the list for notes + updates…

Hali Karla Arts - Cultivating holistic creative practice for heart, mind and soul.

Hali Karla of Hali Karla Arts, artist, teacher, soulcare guide

Hi - I’m Hali Karla.

artist • transformational creativity coach • contemplative

I have walked a winding path with the creative arts, healing and spirituality my entire life… personally, by circumstance and choice, and professionally - as jobs, vocation and a call to serve. It has been a journey filled with the invitation to trust Spirit over my self - again and again - and surrender to the process of being changed from the inside out - coming more fully into a conscious experience of my own vocation, as well as our innate, interconnected wholeness. I’m grateful. I’m still learning. And I love to guide and share with others about this path of devotion.

I know this much: No Matter What…

You are Creative. You are Whole. You are Beloved.

You have a dynamic purpose and gift to recognize, embrace, live-into, form and share.

I am here to guide and encourage you in…

  • the FORMATION of a Creative Practice that is inspired and meaningful to your living experience, times of change, relationships and soul-making journey, and…

  • the TRANSFORMATION of inner perspectives and outer habits that keep you from living wholly and fully in conscious alignment with your truth and guiding Creative Spirit.

I offer Creative Practice courses, resources and circles, and coaching+care.

Cultivating holistic creative consciousness infuses life
with a deeper joy and sense of purpose.

Creative Expression can guide us toward awakening and remembering deep joy, breakthroughs, fresh insight, trust-strengthening vulnerabilities and empowering perspectives - with engaged vitality, unapologetic truth and unexpected vision.

Creative Practice can help us connect our inner and outer experiences, our unconscious with our conscious… through personal joy and authenticity, deep resonance, courageous recognition, and active participation + acceptance. It can support our healing journeys, hopes and dreams, and help us navigate times of change in unmatched ways.

Creative Presence can become a touchstone of intimacy to that which is sacred and real. It is a gateway into meaningful relationship and intimacy with the life we are living. It offers us the quenching truth of our inherent belonging, belovedness and sense of purpose in grounded ways, and is a portal+posture of awareness for consciously experiencing, rejoicing and uplifting the dynamic miracle of interconnection in All that IS.

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