You Are Called to Create

it’s a longing, a mystery, A living river of being transformed.
you sense it within, bigger than you.
It holds joy, healing and soul-freeing possibility,
if only you’ll say yes to the invitation
to come as you are.

So, how do you respond?
Because you must show up & respond to create and receive.

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That call - whether it’s a whisper or wild roar - is an invitation into your intuition, your uncensored expression and questions, your soul-making truth and innate wholeness.

It connects you to the power and mystery of your Source.

Somewhere along the way, it’s likely that you lost touch with your free-spirited creative expression and curiosity - or had to leave it behind.

It so often gets knocked off the table of our lives by other demands, expectations, voices, ideas, experiences, pressures and responsibilities.

I am here to remind you, dear soul, that if you are breathing and your heart is beating, you are filled with vital creative energy and unique insight that longs to flow, behold, express, uplift and come into (your) Life.

And if you have felt that call - to create, to express, to make and set your spirit free with the flow of creative possibility, to see where it leads, or to just re-connect and let your inner child + intuition out to play more - you need to listen.

altered book art journal detail, mixed-media, Hali Karla Arts

Once upon a time I was a hospice nurse, at the side of those looking back on their lives and relationships in the face of their final days. And while their creative callings and relationships took on different forms, it was the folks who ignored that call within - who gave little to what & who brought them delight, connection, reverence and wonder - with the most suffering and regret.

Witnessing that is ultimately what led me back to my creative path, and to serving others trying to make sense of how to be wholly and fully themselves, with their unique experience and medicine, in a world out of sync with the sacred healing gift of a conscious relationship with creativity.


For artists, healers, seekers & curious, creative souls…

Here, you will find encouragement, ideas, courses and support for navigating the tides & seasons, of your inner and outer experiences, with holistic creativity.

Hali Karla of Hali Karla Arts, artist, teacher, soulcare guide

Hi - I’m Hali Karla

I have walked a path with the creative arts, healing and spirituality my entire life… personally, by circumstance and choice, and professionally, as a vocation and call to serve. It has taken many forms along the way.

For me, there is no real way to separate these three powerful ways of learning, relating and being human. I have found that the more I engage their connectedness in my daily practices, the more present, clear and open I am to healthy habits and change in life, work and relationships.

I am here to help guide and encourage the formation of a dynamic creative practice and perspective that is meaningful to your living experience, relationships and soul-making journey.

I offer creative practice courses, resources and circles, holistic birth chart readings, and spiritual care.



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Hali Karla Arts - creative practice and encouragement for heart, mind, soul

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Hali Karla Arts offers creative practice and soulcare courses, tips, encouragement and resources


Creative Practice can hold all of you & your story - even the parts there are no words for - and can help encourage, ground & revitalize your experience in times of change, healing, grief, uncertainty, joy & discovery.

Cultivating a holistic Creative Practice can give space to explore the questions of your soul, shift and expand your perspective and awareness, initiate and support healing, and strengthen your listening and intuition skills toward the presence and calling of creative spirit in your daily life.

Creative Practice can look like a lot of different expressions - here, the focus is mostly on journaling, art journaling, mixed-media art, visual expression, painting, creative forms of prayer, the art of presence - and the good work of connecting, reflecting and sharing with others exploring their soul+life questions and creative intuition.

The call to create is as ancient as the cosmos…

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…so we seek, gather, make, nurture and express.

We enter the timeless world of creating, to re-member and mend and re-awaken our forgotten parts, paths, and origins - because it is what we are made to do, to give, to receive, to believe and bring forth.

It is a way of exploring, honoring and LOVING… our truth and uncertainty, our selves and one another, what needs to be done, what needs to be released, and our place in creation herself.

I share + teach wholeheartedly from my creative process of learning, and experience to inspire yours.

You have found your way here for a reason - and I’m happy you are here.

Enjoy having a look around, and reach out with any questions.

May you find a breadcrumb of what you seek for walking with trust and openness, and courage to follow where your creative spirit calls.





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