Do you want to explore, celebrate and engage with the joy, depth and power of your creative process?

To discover what it might mean to listen more deliberately to the compass of your inner artist, healer and seeker?

Or to simply cultivate your Creative Practice more intentionally and intuitively?

Hali Karla Arts - Cultivating holistic creative practice for heart, mind and soul.

Hali Karla of Hali Karla Arts, artist, teacher, soulcare guide

Hi - I’m Hali Karla

I have walked a path with the creative arts, healing and spirituality my entire life… personally - by circumstance and choice, and professionally - as jobs, vocation and a call to serve. It has taken many forms along the way.

For me, there is no real way to separate these three powerful ways of learning, relating and being human. I have found that the more I engage with them in my daily practices, the more present, clear, connected and open I am to healthy habits, enjoying the richness of a simple life, co-creating in alignment with my values + truth, and navigating changes that arise in life, work and relationships.

I am here to help guide and encourage the formation of a dynamic and supportive Creative Practice and perspective that is meaningful to your living experience, relationships and soul-making journey.

I offer Creative Practice courses, resources and circles, holistic guidance, and spiritual care.

Cultivating your creative consciousness infuses life
with a deeper joy and sense of connection.

It points to our innate wholeness and spiritual nature. It is…

Artistical :: Creative Expression can guide us toward awakening and re-membering deep joy, breakthroughs, fresh insight and empowering perspectives, with engaged presence and unexpected vision.

Holistical :: Creative Practice can help us connect our inner and outer experiences consciously, with resonance, truth and authentic courage and vitality. It can support our healing journeys and times of change in unmatched ways.

Mystical :: Creative Presence can become a touchstone of intimacy to that which is sacred, and a gateway into meaningful relationship. It offers us the quenching truth of our inherent belonging, belovedness and sense of purpose. It is a portal and posture of devotion and open awareness for experiencing consciously the dynamic miracle of interconnection in All that IS.