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A Contemplative Creative Practice

RELATE is back! It’s been 3 years since we circled with these 7 teachings, and they have something to speak into our heARTs, relationships and lives every time we return to them.

Everything about us is relational,
creative and rhythmic.

Two ways to join: with the circle community or as a solitary practice

Self-Guided Art & Soul Making Courses
for your Creative Practice Exploration


In The Stars

Creative Practice & Astrology come together for this exciting, immersive program where you will learn to decipher and intuit the intricacies of your own birth chart symbolism, while exploring its meanings & possibilities in your journaling and Creative Practice. This one is truly for the soulfully inclined. No art or astrology experience necessary. Now self-guided with unlimited access.

Immediate access, plus a new payment plan option.



A reflective creative practice inspired by archetypes, instincts and needs within us all, with short audios and prompts to guide you, plus an all new downloadable workbook




Self-guided, instant access, with lessons and reflections for tapping into your innate creative spontaneity and intuitive expression



More ways to create & learn with me
and Other inspiring artists & teachers:


Make Create Express

Make Create Express is a year-long mixed-media adventure with 27 teachers from around the world sharing 54+ art lessons for your creative exploration. A perfect way to keep your Creative Practice inspired!



Hosted by bookmaking artist+writer Kiala Givehand, this program is beautifully put together and packed with goodness+community for your Creative Practice journey. Join in anytime.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Pull Pen Paint 2019!*

Making time together

Taking just 1 hour at a time with your art practice and other creatives can make such a difference + uplift your spirit, in all the right ways.

This offering is now a regular part
my Patreon options!

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Some previous online courses, programs & offerings:

  • In The Stars Astrology + Creative Practice 12 month eCourse, 2017 & 2018 (available for self-study)

  • SPECTRUM Holistic Creative Journaling Collective, year-long program, 2014, 2015 & 2016, founder, facilitator & teacher

  • Art Practice Moon Magic Reflective & Creative Practice Monthly Invitations, 2016 & 2017

  • Creative Retreat (Make Create Express) with Art Is Magic, 2017 & 2019

  • Pull, Pen, Paint workshops, 2017 & ‘18 (+ lessons featured in 2019)

  • Making Art Medicine 2016

  • 21 SECRETS, art journaling workshops in 2016, 2014, 2013; Creative Director 2014-2015

  • RELATE 2013-2016, Contemplative Creative Practice Circle

  • EMBODY You Mentoring, 2015

  • Birthing Ourselves Into Being, Visual Journaling for the Soul, 2015-16

  • Prayer Painting & Sacred Art of Women group and invitations 2012-2016


* For some of the links on this page, I may be an affiliate, which just means that if you click from my site and purchase a course, a portion of your registration trickles my way (at no extra cost to you), and helps support the work I do, as well. Thanks and Bless!