Creative Practice Revelations Happen in Acts Between the Seen and the Unseen

 Which Way, mixed-media painting, Hali Karla Arts
Art mirrors [our] struggle and captures the process of letting go. Every stroke pushes the painting to sacrifice itself: every creative act destroys something previously built. Imagination reveals not new vistas but revelations of reality behind reality. All art points to a transaction between reality of the seen and reality of the unseen.
— Makoto Fujimura

There is a Way that we only find in taking action.

Being present. Seeing. Listening.

Feeling. Not turning away.

Doing the hard work that is called upon us.

And then…

Believing so deeply in what we know to be real in what can’t be measured or seen, that we are willing to disarm, destroy, risk, transform, and let go of what is real in what can be seen.

To surrender to change.

Yes, there is something about this that speaks to my soul.

I was ‘supposed’ to be writing about re-releasing two well-loved Creative Practice ecourses today - now self-guided with unlimited access - but you know, these days I’m just not feeling the catchy-inspiration, lead-page, funnel-pitch in my creative energy… so, here’s to random shameless plugs at the end of short posts and keeping it real, because I trust my process AND yours:

 IMPULSE self-guided mixed-media Creative Practice ecourse on awakening, trusting and relating to your intuitive, spontaneous artist’s style

IMPULSE self-guided mixed-media Creative Practice ecourse on awakening, trusting and relating to your intuitive, spontaneous artist’s style

 ESSENCE self-guided creative portrait practice ecourse to develop and explore how you see, relate and translate in mixed-media, plus connect with your sense of self (and other)

ESSENCE self-guided creative portrait practice ecourse to develop and explore how you see, relate and translate in mixed-media, plus connect with your sense of self (and other)

Click the image above to learn more about each course. I’d truly would love to connect and be your guide on the side for a bit as you develop your Creative Practice. THAT is where my creative energy loves to flow. ;-)

Note: Both of these courses were previously released as part of my Making Art Medicine program.

Easy Framing for Paintings on Paper (video) + Intuitive Mandalas | Something from the Studio 8


In the video below, I share an easy, inexpensive way to frame paintings on paper, as I frame a set of three custom, intuitive birth-chart mandalas for a family.

Just a little something from the studio...

I used this frame in the videos:

I've been so touched by the joy and response that my mandala making process seems to bring others - it is a bit like eye-candy watching one come to life - AND they are so fun for me to make!

I usually share any peeks at the process over on my IG account.

In the process, there is a combination of letting the actual astrological chart inspire decisions about how I will begin and end the piece, but in the middle it is all creative energy and flow - and letting go of control to open up to the blooming of the mandala.

This particular set (in the video) was for my sister's family, but I have made several rounds of these commissioned mandalas over the past year for various families, couples and birthday gifts. That make beautiful sets.

Personalized commissions take a special kind of attention and time in the studio, so I don't always have these available to order.

However, I have some space to make a few custom mandalas as the summer is wrapping up, for anyone interested, and for a limited time. See the details to order yours on my new shop page.

As for the framing, I love simple... and hope this little idea inspires some of you with your creations and collections.


Before I go, here is an old photo just for kicks... a young, but-oh-so-tired Hali back at the art school exhibition I mentioned in the video - where I received an award for a set of drawing 'meditations' - no frames, just pinned to the wall like little art specimens, evidence of process, as-is.


Full Moon in GEMINI: Musings for Soulful Creatives

This weekend's Full Moon in Gemini is a strong Super Moon, and the cosmos are packed with all sorts of creative energy making this spin with curious Gemini just a little different, and still full of wonder and messages from life with new insight, big changes and momentum for seeking, learning and expressing new facets of your becoming.

It is also the final Full Moon Musing in 2017... that's right, we've circled with all 12 of the zodiac signs as the moon's brightest phase shone light on their archetypes and territories.

This year has flown by - and I hope you've enjoyed the musings for your Reflective, Journaling and Creative Practices. It has been a joy to hit record and share with you each month, as part of my own practice.

There will be a free monthly something coming in 2018, to be announced - I'm just not sure what yet. I'm going to paint & journal about it, to narrow down my ideas. ;)

In the meantime, I am sharing a short reflection on the moon in each sign over at Instagram. She shifts signs about every 2 days, so follow along there this month for a short note to pause & connect with the lunar zodiac cycle and her creative messages.

All of that said - it is a busy time of year for many of us - and Gemini 'gets' and thrives on busy, gathering, 'shiny', and connective (when remembering to pause, play and focus sometimes, so as not to burn-out, of course) - so I'll let you get to the audio and your own reflective or creative responses...

This month’s Full Moon is Sunday, December 3 (2017) at 10:48am EDT in the sign of GEMINI ♊︎

This month’s free audio musing for the Full Moon in Gemini:

[audio mp3=""][/audio]

(You can also listen via my itunes podcast HERE, or just search for Hali Karla Arts in your itunes store.)

Mentioned in this musing:

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• The song at the end of this year's audio musings was intuitively played and recorded for me by my talented husband, Steve Karla. If you listen all the way to the end of this one, you get a nice clip of the tune without me gabbing at you over-top. ;)

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With Joy + Gratitude, Hali