a Creation story

There is strong medicine in the creation of something that nourishes self-expression and exploration. In making intuitive art, I find that not only does it give me a playground for freedom and flirtation with my curiosities, but it also brings to surface things that are stirring deep within me.

Sometimes they are things waiting to be born from me into the world. Sometimes they are simply morsels that have been marinading in the flavors of me, waiting to surprise me with their richness. Sometimes they are parts of myself that have been neglected or overlooked, tugging at my skirt for attention, love and validation. They all offer opportunities to meet my own potential and vibration. And just in meeting them openly, they become opportunities to raise my vibration closer to a frequency of who I desire to be.

As with our children, our pets, our elderly family members... as with every moment we share in relation to another being... the time shared with art making is an opportunity to slow down and be present, to offer the best attention we can, and to feel the waters of gratitude and connection swirling around and within our belly core.

I found that meeting this piece as I made it pulled on my soul's strings in ways I have not yet found words for.

She reminded me deeply of the seeds that have been planted in each of us, perhaps even by us, long before we came to be born - the seeds of our creative potential. 

So here's a short video of "a Creation story".

While working on this piece over the course of a few days, I also found a piece of writing from years ago, like I mentioned in the last post. Here it is: From 2001

A note written to myself and all women about 10 years ago...
   I believe all women are Mothers, regardless of whether or not they have ever given birth to a baby or ever will. We are the caretakers, the keepers of tradition, the conservationists, the nourishers & nurturers, the activists, the temptresses of momentum. Though at times lost ourselves, we are of the very essence Life itself chooses to begin with in its path of existence and manifestation.
   No matter what we choose to put our energies into, we are working, moving, living and loving with the rhythm of the most powerful gift our world has to offer. We are connected inherently to the very voice and inspiration of Creation. We make things happen. We let things flow.
   Because of this power, we hold a great responsibility to ourselves and to the rest of the world - to remain healthy, to make choices that encourage good and Continuity and Unity and Awareness - to stand up for what is right and must be taken care of - to remain close to Mother Earth and to share that closeness with all those who cross our paths. As long as we stay together in this, there is cause for Hope and effort.
   I believe, I feel, I *know* there is a collective consciousness growing in All, leaving people aching for a better Way, some kind of revelation or answer that will lead us All down a different, more natural path of living with our world & each other. It is the Mothers, the Women of this world, the leader within every woman that has been stifled, minimized, dismissed and missing to our people for so long - but we are Rising from our sleep to the stirring within, called to lead the Way.