A Recipe for Love and Practice


I'm not sure what I love more... gathering together diverse, creative people and seeing how their puzzle pieces slide into place next to one another for collective workshops and experiences - OR getting to pour forth inspiration for participants by directly tending and contemplating my own creative process.

Knee-deep in receiving flavorful content from over 30 other contributors for Spectrum + creating my own, I am feeling oh-so-blessed and charged - like electrically. Energized. I'm piecing together parts of my vision in ways I never have out loud before. Riding the currents of process. Anxious, of course, but we'll let that be part of the mysterious unraveling of the beauty that this journey is becoming.

There is a richness here simmering that I can smell, that calls my senses out to play, but that I'm not allowed to taste of just yet for fear of the grandmother-wooden-spoon smack down. The full nourishment won't be fully understood, anyway, until we sit at the table, plates before us, receive, share, choose what we like, dive in to savor, come back for seconds, and then kick back for digestion and story.

Will you be joining us for the love and practice? We begin in just two weeks...... eek!

(and if there are crickets over here on the blog side of things between now and then, you know why)