A Visitor In Prayer

Over 50 prayers were received for this Prayer Painting.
Prayers within prayers.
The painting is what everyone waits to see...
 and, I have to admit, even I get curious about this,
and swept away by the mystery
of the intuitive creative process.
But, always,
as I dip in and out of my painting process,
it is about returning to the prayers.
The night before I began painting,
I hung the paper,
created a space to sit
and read aloud the prayers
one by one.
That night,
I had a visitor.
A surprise, but not surprising.
Not once,
but three separate times.
On the door to my studio where I paint.
And then, later, on my shoulder.
And hours after that,
inside my house.
The strange, sweet soul of a Praying Mantis.
I woke the next morning,
with her message of surrendering 
to the sovereignty of stillness
reverberating within,
and began to paint.
~ ~ ~
I'll be sharing the prayer painting here just as soon as it's complete.
~ ~ ~
You are invited to try your own prayer art process if you feel called.
 For some thoughts on this, go HERE.
You can share your art in the Art of Prayer flickr group with others doing the same.
If you blog about it, you will be able to share a link here at LWS as well.
Or if you prefer, I will be creating an album for prayer art to be shared on my facebook page.