All About Relationship : A Call to Circle Up for Creative Practice

RELATE collage of images, Hali Karla Arts What touches my heart most about opening up registration again for RELATE, is that there are several sweet souls actually returning to circle up again - for a second or third time - with these Sacred teachings.

For a program that walks the edge of my comfort+discomfort to share, comes right from my heart, and is deeply personal from my own journey, it is an honor to hold this space and see that it matters to others enough to visit it again with me, and welcome all the newcomers, as we take a look at what it means to not only hold values, but to notice how we do - and don't - live by them in relationship with ourselves, others and this miracle of a natural world.

Oh yeah - did I mention that registration is open for RELATE 2015?! This is the first time I'm officially announcing it here at the blog. :)

RELATE is a different offering than the other programs I'm involved in creating. This will be its third year. It isn't for everyone, and it isn't always the right time to engage with this meaningful content either.

If I can sum up some of what I'm feeling around RELATE this year, it might be with these few ideas:

- How we relate, and the integrity with how we do so, is a key player in whether or not we are adding to or diminishing harmony, healing and peace in our lives and world

- To help create the world we hope for, and to walk in a good way while doing so - and for some of us, to just sleep well at night - we have to be willing and brave enough to look at both our thriving strengths AND how our blind-spots may be contributing to unnecessary suffering or the misalignment of our inner values and outer lives

- To truly improve relationships in a sustainable way - with others and our mother world - it begins within, in the relationship and respect we nurture with ourselves. You know this. So do I. It's tough work sometimes - but it's the good, important work, as far as I can tell. So RELATE is about touching in on what we know inside - about how to be - and getting clear with your self first and foremost. Making it a personal practice, within the supportive context of a global, yet intimate, community that is working on the same practice, can be a very empowering gift.

- I'm not an expert here, or even a teacher of these teachings. I'm simply a student and practitioner of what I've been taught, one who hopes only to share the perspectives with dignity, respect and inspiration for your understanding - and for the unveiling of the wisdom you carry, as well. The teachings are not mine. They are said to be given to all people as guideposts. And you are the only one who can determine how the application of their gifts can enrich and nurture your journey and sense of connection.

- I keep a daily contemplative creative practice. This shows me things about my spirit and relationships - connections that I don't always see clearly and that verbal or thinking language is not always able to convey the depth of. For me, contemplation is most abundant and generous somewhere in the space where conscious reflection, intuitive response, honest observation and intentional expression all meet and mingle. That's why we use a daily creative practice to explore the Seven Sacred Teachings in RELATE... to move deeper into our core truths about what comes up for us.

- RELATE is both creatively playful and deeply insightful. I love that about it!

- Each time I circle with these teachings, I meet something inside myself that needs attention and tending... something that ultimately and deeply affects my relationships with others. Forgiveness. Release. Bravery. Using my Voice where I hadn't before. Surrendering to change. Doing the right thing. Helping. Loving-kindness. A dream that is as much a part of me as the values I live by.... Each time, it grounds and centers me in remembering who I am and what I know, deep within, to be necessary and true for my growth. That's why I offer RELATE. Because it might offer something similar - or completely different and just as rich - for you.

This year, I'm happy to be able to offer RELATE as a gentle, honest and rich 21 day practice, and at the most affordable rate ever. I never know if it will be the last time or not - because each year, I ask and listen within - and who knows what next year will hold?

There are limited spots and while my Holistic Creative Connection members have been claiming seats already - there are still a few available to join this Creative Practice Circle if you are feeling the call.

I'm honored to hold safe space for this important work, and joyful to be able to bring it to you in a way that marries creativity with soulwork.

We begin September 1.

To learn more about this circle and join us, CLICK HERE.


Women's Creativity Circle - 21 day practice - RELATE with Hali Karla Arts