April Prayer Art Invitation


The Prayer Art Invitation for April is this ::


This meditation could rise within you in many ways....

What I encourage you to consider as you set your intentions for your creative spiritual practice is this:

In what ways or areas of your life have you felt disassociated, compartmentalized or separate in? Are there choices you can make to begin to mend these perceptions or realize a different, more loving experience?

Do you ever feel... outside of yourself? How would it feel to come back into yourself, fully, trusting?

What facets of yourself have drifted from one another, and might offer more fluidity and wisdom if they were celebrated with a rhythm of continuity and union?

How can you welcome, support or encourage a deeper sense of unity and inclusiveness in your family, your interactions, your community?

Let whatever rises in you when you contemplate "Integration" be the guide of your heart as you listen to your creative intuition to make art.


I once heard of a belief that each of the world's religions contains a thread of the whole truth, and that these threads are always seeking one another. This seeking is manifested in us - as our universal longing for love and a sense of belonging... for a new, wholistic way of embracing integration, perhaps.

A way that celebrates the fullness of our selves, all parts lovingly welcomed in harmony.

I personally believe, at a more intimate level, that each person holds a thread of truth that is part of the whole. Your thread is an essential part of the tapestry of a much greater truth.

I look forward to witnessing your creations and thoughts.

Feel free to declare your intention to create with this month's Prayer Art Invitation in the comments below, or over in the Sacred Art of Women group.

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