Art Every Day Month ~ Are You In?

Leah over at Creative Every Day has been holding space for Art Every Day Month in November for ten years! Wow!

This will be my second year of joining in on the commitment. I loved how it kept my creative fires roaring last year, not to mention helped keep me grounded and calm within myself.

An Art-Making-Hali is a Happy-Hali. So that ought to be everyday, right? At least a little. ;-)

And you can be creative about what engaging with your art means... even a little 2 minute doodle qualifies, or looking through an inspiring art book, maybe. It's up to you.

Check it out and join in - it's totally free to make the commitment, but she also has a great little inspirational guide to keep you going everyday if you need that extra little nudge.

(OH! - click on the image above to check out the details and join in)

1 nov 2012