art journal prayer page

prayer pages, art journal, hali karla Some of my favorite pages in my art journal, when all is said and done, are the simplest ones. The ones that started out as "palette pages" (extra paint on my palette gets slapped on them and moved around with little to no thought). They are the ones I come back to later, that remind me of the inherent beauty in primary colors or odd combinations, bulky brushes, sloppy smears, goopy strokes, and the hidden gift in not always having time to put lots of effort (or too much thought) into a spread. There's a wonderful freedom in that.

This is one of those pages. An intuitive palette page made while traveling, that I came back to and sat with in prayer as I added some simple lines. The prayer written on it was shared at the Gather the Women circle in South Dakota. I don't know who wrote it, but it has been sitting in my heart... resonating with the spaciousness it implies and offering such comfort.

It really can be this simple, this free.