Art Practice, Moon Magic: February Full Moon in Virgo

Art Practice, Moon Magic, Full Moon in Virgo update (Hali Karla Arts) The full moon this month is on February 22 and I have definitely already felt the shining influence of Virgo in my own creative energy these past few days.

I have been organizing, sorting, de-cluttering, simplifying, and moving toward simplicity and efficiency in the name of spaciousness and clarity. In lots of little ways in our home, and my biz. And it's all been happening at rapid rates - attention to detail without my usual procrastination, and no sign of indecisive fuss.

A practical example... I've been meaning to start my own version of a capsule wardrobe for about a year. It has seemed like quite a project to initiate... until a couple of days ago. I woke up and finished in under an hour and a half... and the result is this amazing sensation of lightness and freedom from the clutter and accumulation of unnecessary, old and unenjoyable clothes.

Which means more attention and energy left over for what I really want to be doing, creating or making decisions about in my day-to-day. And a feeling of more space to just be.

Definitely feels in alignment with our Aquarian New Moon theme for the month: FREEDOM. Lightness, spaciousness and simplicity - definitely how I want to be feeling, too. For the Big Picture of my focus, energy and life.

I've been reflecting a bit about Virgo in Full Moon as I'm learning this astro stuff myself, and what keeps coming up in my writing and inquiry is an interest in how the energy of an astrological axis effects us. An axis would be the signs that are opposite one another on a chart. 'Opposite' tends to imply a cut-and-dry polarity... and there is that, but there is much more to the bigger picture of the axis as well.

The two signs of an axis also actually share very important qualities and focal points. And all the signs moving through their intricate cycles with the stars and seasons create a weaving of richness to a greater overall holistic energy.

For instance, this full moon is in Virgo. Virgo's axis sister is Pisces. Which happens to be the sign that the sun just moved into. And is also the sign that the next New Moon will fall in.

I was thrilled to see that the astro-expert insights over at Mystic Mama this month beautifully address this axis energy in regards to the Full Moon in Virgo. So I'm going to leave the deeper explanation of that to them - and you can read it RIGHT HERE to throw into your creative reflections.

Here is a short thought from me about the Virgo moon energy to consider and pay attention to this Full Moon:

In earthy Virgo, we are amidst the energy that sees clearly where we are, and the gap between there and where we could be. The internal flow may be found in movements and activities around getting things in order, making space, aligning energies, doing the healing work, tending the details, serving the body.

How can this energy - viewed as a creative energy - support your exploration of the overall monthly theme that began with the new moon in Aquarius - FREEDOM + FEEL WHAT YOU FEEL?

There's a sort of paradox in this, a tension between attention to detail and freedom... and this is the juice of conscious creative practice. With the natural energy of the moon supporting us, though, there can be a flow to the tensions and paradox, and a harmonization that is unique to your unfolding journey.

Are there things that need to be put in place, moved out, healed (Virgo is a healer), nurtured, stretched, or offered undivided attention that will help you move toward what Freedom and Authentic Feeling look like for you right now?

So this may move out of the art journal and into your life, like it did for me this week.

Or it may simply be getting your creative supplies in order, making them more accessible, committing to a schedule of when you will create, or incorporating embodied expression or something totally new and exciting into your practice somehow.

In the two weeks before the next new moon, initiate and then execute some action, daily routine, or service toward living more in alignment with your creative healing and freedom of self.

If you're not sure what that looks like, start with how life feels right now... and move into how you want to feel... in color and on your pages. Let the visual tell the story for you... your awareness with expand from there.

Consider: what is the big picture for you right now... how is it moving from vision within to outward expression?

You can share below what's coming up for you in your Art Practice, Moon Magic journey this month, with that blue button below on the left, or down a little further in the comments...


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