Art Practice Moon Magic: New Moon in Cancer

july3-apmminCancer The New Moon in Cancer is at 7:01 am eastern time tomorrow morning.

I'm not sharing a new video this month, so instead I want to share with you two of my current favorite resources for working with the New Moon in my creative and reflective practice.

April Elliot Kent of Big Sky Astrology does a great new moon pdf workbook each month. I have used a couple over the past year as I'm learning astrology, and they are are always great for getting to the heart of the new moon's energy in relation to your unique natal chart.

If reading your chart and trying to figure that out is too much, April also writes an interesting article each month (like this one), and her workbook does sum up some key points about the sign of the new moon, too. You can get her monthly workbooks by signing up for her newsletter over at her site.

I've also listened to tons of astrologers on youtube over the years, and I like many for different reasons, but lately, one of my very favorites is Barbara Goldsmith.

HERE is her New Moon in Cancer video for this year. (I haven't listened to this one yet, but she rarely disappoints).

[UPDATE: Adding another astrologer here because... holy shit. Chani Nicholas is another fav, and THIS post is fantastic.]


In a nutshell... or a shell... here are two really great ways to consider the New Moon in Cancer energy...

Cancer is an energy that is extremely sensitive, and feels everything. So the response is to protect one self from too much, to build a shell, and to be cautious and discerning about when to be truly vulnerable.

There is an innate privacy to what goes on inside someone with a lot of Cancer energy. And you may be sensing those deep, inner feelings coming to the surface during this new moon, too. Sometimes the cancerian response is to use those pinchers when feeling threatened, too.

It is also a naturally giving, nurturing energy... mothering. Yet, we grow. We outgrow our shells. And to not become stifled, inflamed inside, and isolated completely - we need to release the shell in order to continue growing and being our true selves.

Which means exposure, being truly vulnerable, letting ourselves and all that we feel be witnessed sometimes, too. Allowing ourselves to be cared for, even if that's uncomfortable because we are so used to taking care of others.

This is a feminine energy. Flowing. So the shell must be released in order to grow in healthy ways again to meet our dynamic needs. That offers an interesting contemplation on boundaries and vulnerability, doesn't it?

The second key point for this new moon energy... we have to nurture and take care of ourselves first. Tend our homes, so to speak. The ones within us. Then we can extend and overflow that energy into the 'homes' we are making and tending in our lives and relationships.


Enjoy - and Happy Creating!