Art Practice Moon Magic: New Moon in Scorpio + Big News

Creative Practice + Reflection Prompts for the New Moon in Scorpio with Hali Karla Arts We have some deep, awakening creative New Moon energy this weekend with the New Moon in Scorpio - on this Sunday, October 30 at 1:38pm EDT.

It's a perfect weekend to gift yourself a little time for your creative practice or some uninhibited expression in your journal.

Before I share the Art Practice Moon Magic audio with you, though, I wanted to share something else that has me busting at the seams with excitement.

Life has me moving at a pretty organic, adaptive rhythm these days, true to the real time and energy it takes to get anything new prepared the right way, in the midst of ordinary daily happenings... that is - in steps, bit by bit, as a work-in-progress.

So for now, even though it's not quite ready to open up, I'm sharing this video below as a way to tell you about my new upcoming program in 2017 - In The Stars - which combines a gentle, guided journey through your astrological birth chart with a monthly creative practice.

(Trouble viewing? View on Vimeo or on Youtube)


To learn more about In The Stars CLICK HERE. I'll be adding more to that page, and registration will be opening very soon - just not quite yet. So if you want first dibs on the opening tier rate, be sure your name is on my mailing list via that link above.

AND - thanks to those of you that have written with such enthusiasm already! As for your questions, I'll be emailing soon, and continuing to update the page.


NOW - back to this weekend and the beauty of a New Moon in Scorpio for our creative practice and reflection...

Here is the Art Practice New Moon audio for this month - I hope you enjoy:

[audio mp3=""][/audio]

(To download the audio mp3 for later, click here, and then right-click and save to your device)


There are two more reflective thoughts I would like to add to the audio that are perfect to explore with Scorpio, too:

  1. What is Sacred to you in this season of your life?
  2. Do you need to honor what is most Sacred to you in this time of your life by keeping it perhaps a little more private or secret, by choosing wisely, and with discernment, who you share it with? OR, is it time to shout it out with strength, devotion and passion?


Happy New Moon Creating to you!

Remember, if you’d like to connect and share with other creative kindreds about your practice, you can join the Holistic Creative Connection group right here OR use hashtags #artpracticemoonmagic and #holisticcreative on Instagram.