Artist~Healer Circle :: Jane Cunningham

Red Robed Priestess, All Temples Fall. by Jane Cunningham

As many of you know, 

I have a real curiosity about what is at the center of those of us 

who are drawn to both creative expressions and the healing/helping arts.

Not just because this is a journey I am on,

but also because it is a journey and blending that many of us are on.

And I have become acutely aware of this over the last year.

We each ache to create, ache to help.

Our own unique way of doing this and balancing our needs within it may be different,

but nonetheless it is as if our very spirits are called to action in these ways.

What is that connection that is intrinsically in our nature???

Why are we drawn to both arenas???

What are we seeking, offering, exploring, discovering, acknowledging on both paths???

How do they fuel one another???

How do they feed and inform our lives, moment to moment, in the day to day, in our choices of reaction and response???

And, how can these insights and speculations help us as we interact with others on our journey???

As I watch and read and learn

from each contributor to the

Artist~Healer Circle

so far,

I'm beginning to see clearly that the connections between art and healing are very strong,

just as I had suspected. 

I'm beginning to see themes, as well as great potential.

This sharing just fills me up.

I hope as you stop by, it fills you up, too.

I am so grateful for the willingness of the contributors to open up

and begin discussing and claiming these ideas out in the open here,

to begin to explore themselves as artists and as healers or helpers

in a way that opens us up to the deeper truths as to why we are drawn to this work.

Today, I am passing the talking stick to an inspiring force of deep wisdom,

an intuitive artist of the soul's story,

and a fellow former RN,

Jane Cunningham!!

She decided to grace us with her words in video form. So grab that tea or chai and enjoy:

Harakeke. by Jane Cunningham

Reclaiming your Crown. by Jane Cunningham

Jane offers the most delicious gift of helping you to reframe your own story with her inspired art, as well.


 Thank you, Jane, for your sharing. 

You are so loved and supported - and you inspire so many women to live their truth

with acceptance and love for themselves.

Your light in this world is a gift.