Artist~Healer Circle :: Jo Crawford

Ancestor Blessing. by Jo Crawford

I can't express how blessed I feel 

to be meeting and deepening relationships 

with the amazing women participating in this circle.

I also love that, for some of them (like today's guest), 

this is the first time they are offering videos online ever. 

What I love about that is that this topic touches something inside of them 

just enough to inspire them to share themselves in a new way.

It says to me that they are just as passionate 

about the connection and power of art and healing as I am, 

no matter how different our stories or paths or jobs 

or how we share ourselves with the world.

I just love the gentle, wise thoughts 

and the beautiful art that this guest shares with us today, too!

With that, I'm passing the talking stick to

Jo Crawford!


Wearable Art. by Jo Crawford

Spinning Chakra Mandala. Jo Crawford

Be Still Open. Jo Crawford


Jo Crawford is an artist, teacher and intuitive reader based in Berkeley, California. 

She works with women to nurture and explore their own intuitive wisdom and creative expression. 

Her first on-line course, 22 Paths to Wholeness: wisdom lessons from the tarot, launches next month.

Visit Jo at Crafting the Sacred.

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