Artist~Healer Circle :: Natasha Reilly

Dance by N. Reilly. "This is the space my heart, soul and life resides in right now. "

This week

we pass the Artist~Healer Circle talking stick

to a

Fearless painting

sister of mine

Natasha Reilly!

Grab that cup of chai or smoothie and let yourself sink in 

to this raw, radiant sharing and some of Natasha's intuitive art below..


After I previewed this, 

I was both speechless (very rare over here, people) 

and just... filled UP!

What did you think? What came up for you? 

Leave Natasha a comment or thought below 

after you take a look at some of her intuitive art...

Breakthrough by N. Reilly. "This painting was the breakthrough moment in my work while I was in Sedona on Connie Hozvicka's

Total Alignment retreat

. In working with Connie and the other Fearless Painters I discovered my true voice."

The best part to me is knowing how Tasha wasn't too sure at first about sharing for this circle... and how that flowing inspiration in the video above came forth from her

simply because she decided to show up to the discomfort of the challenge, 

to contemplate her truth, her work, her process... and to share it openly.

Depth by N. Reilly. "Everything in me was open and I was ready to dive deep when I created this work. "

Natasha is currently teaching in both

21 Secrets

with 20 amazing artists, 

and in


with 10 incredible, talented women (including me!!). 

She also

works privately with people


Inner Language by N. Reilly. "This painting is about exploration of the landscape of my soul and it's connection to the Universe. "

She will be teaching


- a new course- this Fall! 

Joy by N. Reilly. "A celebration of what is within me."

You can also visit and learn more about Natasha at her site

Creative Nachos!