Artist~Healer :: Jill Marie Chesrow

Painting by Jill Chesrow

This Artist~Healer Circle guest is one of the warmest souls I've met on-line,

and I had the privilege of traveling through my first Fearless Painting journey with her

in Tribe 7 of



Her words here have just filled me with joy

and that whisper of "yes yes yes".

You'll see what I mean as she shares some of her story...

Please welcome,

Jill Chesrow!

Hello wonderful, beautiful, amazing Hali and all you magnificent beings of love that are sharing this magical space

Thank you Hali from the depths of my heart for sharing your spirit with all of us and inviting us to do the same.

Let’s all take a loving breath in… and exhale sending out waves of appreciation to/for one another and all of humanity on this Life Journey.

You have posed a very powerful question Hali and one that touches my heart very deeply.

I know I am a Healer.  There is the obvious ~ that I am a Registered Nurse and later became an Energy Healer. First I became a Reiki Master and then a Reconnective Healing/Reconnection® Practitioner. Then there is the piece that ever since I was little I was “healing” something whether it was plants, animals, people and even toys! From the age of about 5 to 12 I wanted to be a Veterinarian.

But an Artist…that is something I would have never identified myself with.  Artistry and Creativity, in the traditional sense, and me…not a match.

When I told my husband that I was going to become a Creative Memories scrapbooking consultant (prior to my introduction to the world of a deeper connection to Life)…he thought I had fallen and hit my head!  That is how uncharacteristic it was for me to have anything to do with the world of Art and Creativity, even on that basic level!

Once actually doing something in that realm I felt something come alive in me that I had rarely felt before.  I was paying attention to that new part because it was a different feeling…one of more aliveness.  I believe now that it opened up the space for me to go deeper into the question of “Who am I and why am I here?”

Feeling Sad by Jill Chesrow

In 2009 I felt a major shift in my energy system and I didn’t know what it was.  It left me feeling very frustrated and stuck.   My healing practice began to slow way down…and I wasn’t doing anything different.

As I went deeper into my own healing journey I had a reading that revealed my Archetypal Energy Patterns that I am expressing in this lifetime.  Most of them felt like comfortable friends ~ Healer, Teacher, Seeker, Pioneer, Knight, Rescuer, Hero/Heroine…they were all something I could identify with, but when the man said Artist I was sure he was wrong.  I felt sick to my stomach.

No, I am not an Artist” I told him.  Surely he made a mistake.  Despite my love for scrapbooking my pages sucked compared to my customers, I have no eye for color or balance or…you name it!

I realized that I had been going through a major Archetypal Shift.  Where the Healer had been forefront for so many years…now the Artist was coming front and center.

My heart dropped…this is not what I was comfortable with.  What did it mean?  What does the word Artist even represent to me and to others?

When I would think of an Artist, and even oftentimes now…I think of somebody that is skilled in painting, sculpting, writing, acting and so on…but mostly I think of painting.

I was not a painter and while I enjoyed doing it…I was,  and still am,  often frustrated that I don’t get what is in my vision out into anything that matches the feeling I have when I am envisioning it, even when I am painting intuitively.

To have that energy pattern expressing in my field…It felt like a foreign invader.

I started a Quest to find out more about what being an Artist meant to me.

Caroline Myss describes the Light side of The Artist Archetype as:  “Expressing a dimension of life that is just beyond the five senses. 

Inspiring others to see life symbolically.”

I liked that and could relate to it on a deep level.  I did that with my healing/coaching clients already and I told myself, “Well cool I guess I can relax a bit about having that Archetypal energy in my field.”

However…that energy kept calling me deeper into what it actually means to be an Artist.   It was that calling that guided me to become a Master Certified Soul Art Guide® and an Unfolding Your Life Vision Facilitator®.

Yet there was more…and I was called to Connie’s BIG class.

In that class and then through the Painting Tribe I met some of the most incredible Souls that are deep expressions of Artist energy.

Through them I can see what being an Artist really means.

An Artist is somebody that expresses the Divine in one form or another in such a way that it touches not only the Artist’s Soul Essence but the observers as well.

It doesn’t matter whether it is in painting, music, poetry, sculpting, blogs, jewelry, decorating, clothes design, dancing, or having somebody on a healing table.

If it touches another and in that moment they connect with their True Essence then they are an Artist AND they are a Healer.

As with anything, there are multiple depths to Artists-Healers.  I believe that once one advances on their journey to a point where they feel and express the connection between the two that there is an Authenticity that comes alive and  Magnetic Radiance that calls others to wake up to their own Divinity within.

An Artist ~ Healer sees beyond the physical and feels into the underlying beauty of all things.

Yes…I am an Artist ~ Healer even if I can’t paint for #%&@!!!

Stage 1 Artist Healer. by Jill Chesrow

Final Artist Healer painting. by Jill Chesrow


Major influences in my life on embracing my Artist~Healer within are…drum roll please:

Hali Lynne Karla!!!!!!!!!

My Sisters from the Painting Tribe!

Special shot Out to Tribe 7 of BIG ~ you ladies changed my life!

Which of course would not have happened if not for

Connie Hozvicka ~

Thank you

Who I would not have been introduced to if not for the wonderful Artist ~ Healer Michelle Geoffroy from

The Creative Healing Studio!

That brings me to Laura Hollick from

Soul Art Studio

where I met Michelle as we were both in the Certified Soul Art Guide Training.

Laura helped me realize that I wasn’t crazy and what I was feeling inside was part of the new paradigm that has been emerging.


My healing and coaching practice is moving to a deeper level as I continue to clear, balance and expand my own energy field.

I am currently completing my Certified Coach training in

Mary Morrissey’s

Dream Builders Coaching Program


During this program a dream that I have had over the past four years began to unfold at an increased rate.  The synchronicities kept lining up and more and more information came through.  It has truly been an answer to my prayers and how cool is it that it combines the very essence of the

Artist ~ Healer in more ways than one

I am excited to share with you that very soon the website will be live!

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Thank you again Hali and all of you amazing readers.  Wishing you all a wonderful 4


of July.  Whether you are in the states or not…

FREEDOM is our Birthright

With HeART,

Jill Marie Chesrow

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

OK, Jill - I'm a little bit blush-ey over here, 

and so touched to be part of this circle of inspiration in your life, as you are in mine. 

Thank you for being here.     

(and by the way - i LOVE your Artist Healer painting!!)


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~