Breaking the Ice...

First entries; first tries; first lines, notes, impressions... almost always filled with butterflies for me.

So i'm just diving in to this journey, right here, right now, not sure if anyone will ever read, but not so concerned about this, as its more of a place for me to put myself out there, find my way and make happen the Life i'm always endorsing for others....

to be true to me, my emotions and gut as my guide, one scary step into the unknown at a time,
slurping up as much positive fuel as i can and spewing out my own creative, healing juices.
and doing it all for Me, first and foremost.

and also for how i shine in the world.
because, truth is, it's only gonna be my best,
most positive offering if i'm dancing my own dance along the way, to my own heartbeat.

i don't want to just exist, passing by, getting through, making ends meet.

i want to Live.
genuinely. purely. playfully. vulnerably. in connection.

and, so, this is the start of my commitment to my Self...