Create Connect Reflect ~ Sacred Art

In creating this piece above
both within, and without, parameters
I danced in and out of a myriad
of story and symbolism,
solid strength and vulnerable soft places,
thought and awareness,
truth and illusion,
meaning and non~sensical inclinations,
holding and releasing....

I found myself, organically,
even unexpectedly at times,
re-Connecting to my deepest devotions.

Among many thoughts, I wrote of this distinct FEELING...
"... the biggest wave of *yes* that has come is this: 
All this talk of Letting Go in the process is not even so much about letting go of stuff or even thoughts or ideas or fears or yadda-yadda-baggage and story. 
They will come and go, often, as they please. 
It is about Letting Go of my~Self."

I remember that moment of truth in the process.
I literally felt the pure love and peace of this Self that I need not hold onto at all
because it is always present,
and indestructible.

Reflection in this process begins with the first spark of an intention,
and continues throughout each stumble, stride and beautiful stroke,
carrying me through the passing of time
and into the deeper contemplation ~
where the edges of my creative process, 
and the art of my spiritual practice,
reflect back to me 
the edgeless center of our essence.

so blessed to be,
~ hali
26 nov 2012