creating time, project 'weight' loss, and a sketchbook fix {heartbeat vlog}

aug26studioday Studio check-in: Week 2.

Confession: I really wanted to edit some of this because I'm just so excited in it - but, hey, this is supposed to be candid. That will look different each week. So here you have it. Just like you came by my studio, brought me out of the zone, poured an espresso shot down my throat, and then asked, How's it going?

Enjoy. I offer a little painting brush technique that has been loosening up my studies, plus a little sketchbook fix - and thoughts on the relationship between creative practice and productivity in other areas of life.

Oh - and after I recorded this, I kept wondering if I said "Moleskine" right... so I looked it up to see what they have to say about it.


Check-in Celebration: I was actually excited to get to the studio today (whereas last week I was dragging my feet a bit), AND even better than that - I was excited to make this little check-in video to share. It helps me process what's going on.

Check-in Note to Self: shorter next time, eh? try a post-it note to keep your focus, Hali!

What's your Creative Process check-in feeling like this week? How can you play with your relationship to time to better support your creative energy?