Creative Energy with the SAGITTARIUS Moon: the quest for joy and the fire of belief

Creative Energy focus when the Moon is the the sign of SAGITTARIUS | Hali Karla Arts

When the Moon is in Sagittarius, our creative energy can be inclined to explore, learn, look at beliefs, expand awareness through the unfamiliar. To experience, laugh, take the plunge, shoot for the target like a skilled, focused archer.

There is a contagious optimism if we only let ourselves enJOY and see what we haven't seen before.

A creative fire that spreads inspiration & activation into wherever we focus our energy, in the name of the bigger picture.

An invitation to remember that, even though our experience is where we meet our deepest truth and form our living beliefs, not everyone is having the same experience.

And this is what invites us to question and explore further, if we allow it... to let new knowledge lead us back into the terrain of unknowing and beginning again. To walk in new places, with new people, who have completely different views.

Open to the full beauty of our interconnectedness and fruit for one another, that you may never stop learning, sharing, enjoying, believing, unlearning and discovering what calls you to engage with a sense of quest or adventure.

How can you welcome a little of this energy in your conscious Creative Practice, journaling and perspective today?

These Lunar Creative Energy posts are short+sweet notes of encouraging focus tips, and in no way comprehensive of each sign’s creative imprint spectrum or the moon’s symbolism.

You carry all 12 zodiac sign archetypes in a unique combination and way, with a calling to be wholly You in your living experience and relationships. Your birth chart offers custom guidance and light - like a love letter from Creator/Source on the day you were born - for navigating, nourishing and realizing your needs, possibilities, and the love you were born to give and allow yourself to receive. Astrology doesn't predict the future - it invites you consciously into helping co-create it with your unique energetic imprint. Creative Practice can help you tap into what this *feels* like for you specifically.

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