deep gap

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i have to confess i don't really know the words to express the depth and breadth of the connection between art-making, healing and nature. i just know that it is so very alive, and in every one of us. and i want everyone who aches and longs for something that can't be put to words to experience that knowing in their body and spirit.

for me, there is something about the forest that moves me so deeply. mossy, misty, thick with young trees, lichens and ferns, and grandfathers (rocks) that hold stories. there is a quiet that is filled with sounds and colors so much wiser than my thoughts and questions. there is both answer... and no need for one. to be there is enough. and to go there inspires my art-making and how i relate to everything else - because it shifts how i see. i feel small, and whole and very much engaged with the life breathing through me becoming the life right before me.

and while i admit, with joyful curiosity even, that i can't do it justice with words or even images, or tell you exactly how to feel this connection for yourself with this or that set of steps, i will keep trying to illuminate its beauty in how i relate, to come to it again and again in little acts of opening to the mysterious gap between feeling and expressing.

and i want to know, where do you go that feels like home to your soul? that wakens your senses and inspires your movements and lays a calm hand upon your restless spirit? what or where is that great, glorious gap for you, the place that opens you up to your mystery? try to tell it, to honor it, to thank it, to sing it praise in how you live your day. and when you can't feel it with acts of expression, then just go be there - in the flesh or in vision. and remember who you are.