Dream Map


This might not look much like a map. But it is.

It even folds up nicely like one of those old road maps we buy before we had our handy GPS. It's about that big, too.

It's a dream map... for really BIG dreams - ones I'd even forgotten about for a time, or not let myself entertain too much.

A map of old territories freshly re-visited... and scanned... and so juicy that further exploration is required.

What I learned in making this map is that the land scape is both solid and ever-changing, and full of the sweetest fruits and gorgeous summits to be awe-thrilled from. And that's how I want to feel in this life. Inspired, awe-struck, juicy, Alive.

And I remembered that at the center of this island of my dreams lies a still pool of clear, peaceful waters, within me, always there to return to no matter how the tide rolls in or the land evolves or how a journey turns out.

And if I get lost on one of my expeditions, I can just look up to the stars, close my eyes, and follow the light back to this pool to rest and begin again.