echoes of answers to questions you have yet to ask


Beloved Woman, this is a sacred invitation *for you*...

About four and a half years ago, I found myself going through a *bit* of a crisis. What I thought would work for my livelihood, my day to day, just... wasn't the right fit. It was good, hard work being a hospice nurse, and I laid my head down every night knowing I had done something good with my day. Working in end-of-life care cracked my heart open to love, service, spiritual growth and human resiliency in a way that is still impossible to fully express. And yet, there came this mysterious Truth, rising in me, growing until I could no longer deny what I *knew* to be true for me... that I was meant to be doing something else.

Problem was I had no idea what that was or what I even enjoyed anymore. I was burnt-out and lost in my own skin.

I'm the type that when I know what needs to be done, I can't deny it for long. My inner guidance is not passive, and until I do what she says, things can feel quite unsettling. So I've learned to follow her instructions when she speaks up. Change for the better begins when I do, though not without growing pains and fear.

Long story short, that was the year that I began to truly realize the profound beauty of connection possible via the internet. One synchronous step after another found me back home in my skin as an artist, and also meeting brilliant, raw, inspiring, real women from all over the world via online workshops and circles. There was instant chemistry with some of these women - soul-sisters from other lands that I would've never met had I not been in a time of searching and seeking, ripe for transformation.

I was intrigued, curious if the sense of connection would translate in real time - and eventually had the chance(s) to meet many of these women in the flesh. Those bonds and friendships were not some fictitious illusion of a virtual reality. Far from it. Some of the greatest friendships in my life have come from opening myself to online learning and relationship. Along with that came complete inspiration at the profound impact that global connectivity could have on healing and empowerment.

That is a big part of the reason why I now create and gather women for online offerings, and participate in collective efforts doing the same when I can.  My life is and continues to be transformed by the brilliant women that are reaching out to one another from distant places - saying, yes, I see you, I hear you, I get you, you are not alone. To be part of inspiring new perspective, helping like-minded people find one another and empowering creative expression is a service I am lit up to call my work in the world.

What I found, when I personally needed it most, was women from all walks of life, who shared their stories with me, and witnessed my story in the midst of healing, darkness and transformation. We found in one another comfort and echoes of answers, and more questions - the kind that can be held with peace-in-mystery when we know we are not alone in our shape-shifting perspectives of life. My story is still unfolding. So is the story of every other woman out there.

Maybe you are also in a time of ripe readiness, full of fear and courage, like I was four years ago, and like I continue to be every day I choose to live life on terms with my truth and vision, supported energetically by a global sisterhood hearing the call to explore what it means to come together in un-ordinary circles - in the name of vulnerability, truth and connection. If so, to you I say...


Beloved Woman, this is a sacred invitation *for you* (click here)...