Energetic Awareness

Last week was the first week of the second Fearless Painting journey, DEEP, with Connie H. Through the invitation for the week , I found myself diving into a contemplation, reflection and painting about what it is that really sparks my reverence. It is different for everyone, but most of us have something that really is the core essence of what we live for. Connie emphasizes that this is different than a purpose in life. I love that - permission to take the weight off of defining ourselves by what we "do" in the world.  It's a contemplation worth exploring... over and over again. For me, it really has to do with my spirit and universal connection...


It has a whole lot to do with being able to feel the sensation of Energy - or Life - in all things, in all of nature, in all relationships...

so i bubble-mapped to help me sort out my wordy mind thoughts and everything that relates to this, for me...

Funny thing was that I ended with that big word "Energy" and realized I had just been thinking about this in a post a few days before.
So I had a few ideas... and truth be told, I've had the feeling of what it is, the experience of it throughout my whole life at various times of letting go and tapping in to the present moments and wherever I am. But since words can be such a jumbled mumbled box of what we are truly feeling, I decided to just start painting.
I painted, holding close to my heart, that feeling of the connectedness of All, of the pure, mysterious power of expression and creation - inherent in all things, all place, all beings, all ideas. As I would guide my mind, from time to time,  away from the labels and words and back into being with the experience of painting, I moved my intentions into the amazing feeling of being able to sense this connection in beautiful metaphors that are intricately woven throughout everything we can possibly bring our awareness to.
Energy is abundant and ever-changing in form and expression. It is not a well that will dry up, but rather a shapeshifting elixir of life that flows through, of, within and without us. And, as spirits in human form, we have been gifted with a whole toolbox of sensually guided compasses to help us experience, acknowledge, and honor its magnificence.
And isn't that just the coolest thing EVER??? I mean, that is a reality worthy of the description: "Awesome"!
So I painted, and ended up with one energetic, shapeshifting hot mess on the paper. It was fun, it was hard, it was easy, it was full of reverence and curiosity for me. I felt the Energy throughout the process.
And that's all that matters: not that I express myself well about the Energy with words or color, not that I give it a name, but that I let myself Feel it as often as possible.
acrylic. approx. 3'x4'.


This is a painting invitation based on Week 1 of my DEEP Fearless Painting journey with Dirty Footprints Studio.