everyday art journal {flip-through video}

Screenshot 2014-05-20 18.43.34

I have a confession...

It's very rare that I actually fill a whole journal... of the visual or written variety. I don't know what it is exactly, but I just energetically move on before all the pages are filled. And then once I realize what's happening - that me and said journal are complete - I move onto a new one.

I kind of think there's something that I like about leaving those blank pages at the end, for all the ideas and things from life that didn't make it in the journal for whatever reason. Maybe that's it. Or it could just be that I LOVE the thrill and feel of a new journal!

But this one is different. I filled it. Front to back. This is my first flip-through video of a journal, too. It feels a little vulnerable, to be honest... and interesting because this journal is quite a bit different than the ones I've kept in the past few years. More raw marks and unfinished pages where I thought words or details would fall, but the space felt better. It's really quite true to my practice in an ordinary way - a little of this, a little of that. One day I might do a study/sketch of something, the next I'm trying out new gelatos or pens, and the next I'm ripping up and gluing in layers.

Yet, even in the chaos of my practice there's a theme emerging in the pages. A visual thread that only I can know fully - connected to my life and memory in this time that I kept the journal - and actually filled it! Here's the flip-through:


{This journal was a handmade gift from my friend Katie Ryan. I have adored every minute with it. You can find her journals available RIGHT HERE.}