Figure Drawing, Throwback and The Journey Within (instagram round-up)


Glimpses of my art+life+musings from Instagram this past week…

November 28:

Moon is in Cancer today, and Cancer is at home with the moon. Healing and feeling are the places with emotional flow today - and you may find your creative energy responds to nurturing and self-care that serves no other purpose but to love... And that the love may show up as movements toward delicious comfort OR stepping bravely into shaking up patterns, new experience, or coming out of shells that no longer serve.


November 30:

Workplace love.


(The page where i started to remember) Five years ago I made my way back to art-making, shaky and uncertain what was next as I prepared to leave nursing. I was so starved for the conscious practice of engaging my creative energy in art-making... and still called to work with others. Living a creative life and bringing holistic-creative awareness, healing & joy to others is now my work in the world, too. Yay for listening to the whispers of what you love and know to be true for you! It all began with this simple page... lol... back when I took 21 Secrets with @dirtyfootprints for the first time, to get my hands wet with paint again, and long before coming on board to help bring the program to you. There's an awesome last-chance deal happening for two of the 21 SECRETS workshops right now, from the 2014 editions. It's a gift that keeps on giving in richness and experience, and I can honestly say you never know what discoveries and adventures may come of it! Check it out here -> - or find your way from the link in my profile.


Check out the awesome 21 SECRETS deal (limited time) ->


Moonday moon's in shining Leo. An often misunderstood energy... one that is frequently quieter in essence than assumed, being that it is an energy that shines naturally outward from within. Your emotions and creativity might feel most in the flow by allowing yourself to create, to express, and to share your unique vision and way of seeing in the world today. Be out there sharing yourself somehow. And also remind your tender heart that part of being ourselves 'out there' is about strengthening our capacity to realize that we might be misunderstood, or even feel somehow un-seen regardless of positive, negative or absent validation. The gift of knowing ones creative energy+power here lies in the act of bringing what is inside us out into the hands of the world... uninhibited, with curiosity and full of passion for life... Simply because a part of us must. I'm a bit of a long time fan of the mystery of Leo... Any experience or thoughts to offer here about the zodiac's performer- lion???


December 1:

One of my visions for 2016 is more making and connection for the pure joy of it, so when @kialagives introduced herself and asked if I'd be a guest contributor for her new program, it was an easy yes. I love #handmade books and #artjournals , and I'm looking forward to creating with some new (to me) artists, too! Kiala is having a blog-hop celebration this month, with daily journaling challenges - and in 2016, you can make a handmade book per month (plus creative page prompts with lots of guests) in Journey Within. Check out her incredibly inspiring video series, too - Book in a Day - that she did in 2013 & 2014. Wowsers! Learn more...


Learn more about The Journey Within...  And keep an eye out here for my blog-hop challenge for Kiala later this month!

Studio Tuesday was a bust today, so I took myself to a figure drawing session tonite... first one in years, warm-up sketch. Enjoying the study so much.


A few more pages from tonite. That was fun. Something shifted in how i was seeing when i did the white on black, and then went back to black on white. So many ways of seeing and feeling into light and shadow, and there's really nothing quite like figure studies. Definitely going back in a couple weeks to practice more. I love balancing my usual intuitive approach with intentional practice.


December 2:

"Watching me Watching (something you can't see by looking)". Do you write or journal while you paint or directly afterwards? It totally enhances my personal process. As does giving myself permission to treat a canvas like I might an #artjournal spread. Detail shots and a poetic musing from a journal entry while painting this one are up at the blog.


December 3:

Moon is in earthy Virgo today. The energy that sees clearly where we are, and the gap between there and where we could be. The internal flow today may be found in movements and activities around getting things in order, making space, aligning energies, doing the healing work, tending the details, serving the body. I'm feeling it, and on a roll... How about you?


That's it for this week's round-up - thanks for stopping by!