First Friday (vlog): discomfort in finding completion with our artwork

art journal, Hali Karla First Friday Creative Practice Check-In:

Other thoughts I didn't say...

- To create a relationship with our process is indeed a sort of goal in itself - and each piece, page or expression is the chance to come to that sense of connection with Creative Source and our unconscious truth and story. The closer to a 'goal,' destination or expression we get in our physical state of being, the more difficult the journey can feel (especially to our minds!). It's a little like climbing a mountain. Stick with it - the view is so worth seeing it through. If indeed there is any point of arrival at all, you will know you are there only in retrospect of having dropped into the beautiful flow again.

- If you are just not seeing or feeling anything you like in a piece - try giving yourself to that discomfort as if it were a terrain for exploration, becoming a devoted huntress for the beauty or meaning or transformation in the layers and process. Then, when you catch that glimpse, give yourself to it. Practice that. Again and again. This is the practice of healing through creative practice.

- In this work, practice is play, and play is practice, and it makes no sense that play can feel so uncomfortable sometimes - but we don't need it to make sense at all. We just need it.

So, take a moment to reflect on your process a bit. Any thoughts, as we welcome a new month, about what you are completing or beginning or discovering in your holistic creative practice, process and life?

even better... wanna make a first friday video with me? if not this month, maybe next, eh? wouldn't that be fun? kinda like a First Friday art walk - but virtual, and more about the process. i would totally stop by to see it.