First Friday (vlog): self-employed married artists, how we do it

Red Guitar by Steve Karla  

One of the questions I get asked the most by other artists is how Steve and I do it - as two self-employed artists, living without a 'steady' paycheck at regular intervals. I've been considering how to approach this here on the blog for awhile - there's a lot to both our unique stories leading up to this and what it takes to keep at it day after day. So, I thought I'd just begin by talking it out a bit with this month's First Friday vlog...

I should point out that getting to this place, for us, didn't happen overnight - it has taken years, and - honestly - even our whole lives (with detours) to prepare us for living and sustaining as artists. It is such a work-in-progress - and that's part of how it keeps our curiosity and interest. Neither of us are doing exactly what we thought we'd be doing as young artists. AND - it also takes a lot of creative gears in action, all the time, and one hundred percent support from one another, for the other's creative process - which means a lot of flexibility and helping each other. It's a way of life. A way of trust. And we love it, and feel so grateful every day.

Steve's band, HotPoint Trio, plays regularly here in Asheville on The Biltmore Estate, other gigs and private events. They just released a fantastic Holiday Swing CD - you can hear a sample or snag one for your family HERE.

You can also see some of his older art at his website.


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