Full Moon in Aries: Musings for Soulful Creatives


You know the type of friend that you can poke at and tease, or have a lively and heated debate with - and get away with it? Where you both come out admiring or laughing at one another and your selves, for the sheer sport of it? Because there's just that kind of uncomplicated comradery... and trust... between you.

It's not personal or uncaring; it's just real and clear. You know where you stand with one another, and there is a mutual respect for self-determined expression and action.

Aries energy can be like that - in general, and in relationship - when it's shining bright and not giving in to fear, blind self-interest or impatience.

As I've mentioned before, we all have each of the sign energies within us. Some of them are more predominant than others for each of us, but we all get all 12 in some way, shape or form.

What Aries brings to each of us is the audacity to begin, to initiate, to pioneer, to self-determine, to come into life with the purest of individual essence available. Sometimes it can look a little reckless or angry or force-full, for sure - and other times, that Aries life-force is pure courage and potential, the survivor and loyal warrior, with clear intention and action in the face of our greatest battles and fears.

And that's exactly the sort of realm that the Aries full moon is shining light upon.

In astrology, there are many cycles within cycles, and ways of playing with consciousness around those cycles. It can all be a bit overwhelming, if you ask me - but here is a simple lunar one to correlate to the rhythms of your seasons and year...

Every sign moves through a lunar journey each year. With a new moon on one end of the year (when the Sun is in that sign), and its full moon 'opposite' - by season. A beginning, building, culmination and time of wrapping things up, sharing and release.

The new moon in Aries this year was back at the end of March (with the Spring Equinox here in the north) - and could have very well marked the beginning seeds of something in your life or awareness - with that undeniable Arian style and tone of declaration, action and/or courage. Something you want, desire, or simply feel compelled to experience, maybe...?

The full moon in Aries this week (now in the Fall Equinox) is shining light on the Aries-style of your journey this year... what is done, what's working or not, what needs closure or release, or is ready to be seen, harvested or shared... something that may have been initiated or firing up in the ol' creative-inner-soul back in March.

Peek back at your calendars or journals, or do a little reflection and remembering... see if that resonates for your experience this year.

This month’s Full Moon is Thursday, October 5 (2017) at 2:41pm EDT in the sign of ARIES ♈︎

Here is the free audio musing for this energetic point in the lunar cycle…

How does the Aries energy resonate or relate for you or your creative process journey?

Aries is also a fire sign, of course... and I always associate it with the creative fires, thrill and courage required and received in the beginning, impulsive and pure spontaneous stages of intuitive art-making, for instance. As well as that little thing we learn after we've developed an honest awareness about our process... that the greatest 'enemy' to our creative expression is usually ourselves... and if we get out of our own way, there is unstoppable power to tap into and explore.

Would love to know your thoughts and experience, if you’d like to share.

Wishing you some assertive me-time and the warmth of creative fire for your full moon week, Hali